Benefits of Open Source Operating Systems over Windows

Open source operating systems like Linux would have replaced proprietary OS like Windows had they been so great. This question might just be haunting your mind for some time. Had open source coding been so secure, user-friendly and efficient, then why would developers still work on creating proprietary software? You might just be wondering about […]


Unlocking the Samsung Galaxy S7 cell phone

Have you ever considered unlocking your SASMUNG GALAXY Modem? If so, I can only assume that you came across many obstacles and limitations as unlocking the SASMUNG GALAXY modem cell phone was never as simple and easy as unlocking the modems from other manufacturers. The SASMUNG GALAXY Company issues different models of Samsung Galaxy S7 […]


Building An Online Gaming App For A Mobile Platform

Online gaming has been around for a decade or two, but online gaming on the mobile platform is a comparatively new concept. However if you want to have a lucrative online gaming business, then there is no way you can ignore the mobile platform. On the go is the new thing and it’s no different […]