A guide to the Internet of Things

You might have heard the phrase ‘Internet of Things’ buzzing around the web for the past few months and wondered what exactly it is. Well, wonder no more. Syntax IT Support London is here to guide you through all you need to know about the Internet of Things (or IoT for short): the next big […]


The Best CREE LEDBulbs for Flashlights

Although LEDs are manufactured by many companies, CREE has steadfastly held on to its position as the market leader,thanks to the quality, reliability and range of their products. The North Carolina based company jumped onto the LED bandwagon in 1989 with their first offering of blue LEDs, and they’ve continued to be an innovator ever […]


Blogging Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

If you’re just starting to blog you may find yourself overwhelmed.  Even if you love your topic, you may find yourself in a classic case of writer’s block.  You started off with the ambitious of goal of posting 1-2 quality articles on your blog per day, but all of a sudden you’re running out of […]


Benefits of Open Source Operating Systems over Windows

Open source operating systems like Linux would have replaced proprietary OS like Windows had they been so great. This question might just be haunting your mind for some time. Had open source coding been so secure, user-friendly and efficient, then why would developers still work on creating proprietary software? You might just be wondering about […]