7 Apps To Synchronize Your Mac And Meizu

Unlike windows users Mac users with Meizu phones needs a reliable app to synchronize their phones & Computer. Here are a list of seven apps that you can use for this purpose and are absolutely perfect to synchronize Android Meizu with Mac. SyncMate SyncMate is the best free sync app Mac users can find. It […]

What to Expect from Meade Willis

If you are still in the process of putting things together to start a new business, you might want to consider getting in touch with Meade Willis. Meade Willis is a system integration company that is cloud based. They have been assisting myriad of businesses get through the complicated processes of their business. Running a […]

A daily text summarizer for you

Newspaper articles, online courses, web pages and more else can be directly summarized with special tools and software. The conclusion maker Resoomer, unavoidable, now among the best known and free, it is able to satisfy all expectations of those who would have texts to summarize. In addition to its ability to better structure the information, […]

VMware Invests $30 Million Into Puppet Labs To Achieve Next Generation Cloud Automation

Puppet is an open source data center automation and configuration management framework that enables system administrators a solution to work for flexible and transparent systems management. Currently, Puppet Labs is leading in the industry of IT automation and is playing a major role in the DevOps movement – speeding up the process of business agility […]

Keyword Research and Placement Strategies of a Private Label SEO Company

The services of a private label SEO company has never been overemphasized. To differentiate between two website, a private label SEO Company uses the Keyword research and keyword placement techniques. Knowing everything about keyword research, selection and placement is very important. Keyword Research: First and foremost step when creating website content or selecting a domain […]

The Best Desktop Email For Mac In 2016

Managing an email account for Mac in desktop has become now easier, but users think of getting something even more convenient and comfortable. Here is a list of such applications that can be used an alternative to the actual Mail app of Mac in desktop. iMail iMail is a neat and simple email app for […]

MySQL to PostgreSQL Types Mapping

MySQL and PostgreSQL have very similar data types. Some of them are equivalent while others are not. When planning MySQL to PostgreSQL migration, it is important to remember the following information about the correct types mapping. This is how basic MySQL types are converted into equivalent PostgreSQL types: MySQL PostgreSQL BIGINT BIGINT BINARY(n) BYTEA BIT […]

3 of the Most Common Mistakes Made by New App Developers

If you want your small business (or any sized business, really) to survive in today’s highly mobile world, you need to have a mobile application.  Now, you don’t necessarily have to do anything innovative or unique with your mobile app, but most users today—and increasingly more in the future—will first encounter your business through their […]