14 Security Solutions for Small Business

There are many types of security solutions for small business. Any business will need several such solutions for optimum cyber security. An antivirus alone will not suffice. There should be a firewall too. Some security solutions are multipronged and hence can protect your business from different kinds of web based or digital threats. Here are fourteen security solutions for small business that should be contemplated before choosing one or more.

  • Comodo is an affordable solution. It is an award winning provider with reliable systems that have been proven to be effective over time. The solution offers remote monitoring, patch management, service desk and protection of apps from devices infected by malware. There are free security certifications and antivirus as well.
  • ESET has different types of bundles you can choose from for mobile devices, computers, servers, networks and drives among others. The firm offers customized security solutions. ESET specializes in endpoint security, remote management, mobile security, two-factor authentication, file security, encryption and email security among others.

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  • Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector is effective and efficient for wireless local area networks. There is centralized control. You can inspect traffic, examine activity and shield your systems from unusual access or activity.
  • Lookout Mobile Security does for smartphones and tablets what other solutions do for desktops, servers and networks. The solution provides protects against data leak, malware, jailbroken devices and sideloaded apps.
  • Random.org is a password generator. If you want random but strong passwords then you should use this effortlessly simple tool.
  • Stay Safe Online has the backing of National Cyber Security Alliance. The resources and tools can protect your business, customers and employees. There is sufficient protection from loss of data, cyber threats and other risks.
  • Small Biz Cyberplanner 2.0 of the Federal Communication Commission is a comprehensive solution. If you are uncertain of your needs then you can safely go for comprehensive security with its data security and privacy, protection against fraud and scams, network and website security among others.
  • AxCrypt can encrypt your files to protect your data. There is free 128-bit encryption. You can pay for 256-bit encryption.
  • Cloudflare is a proactive security solution that protects your website and your business from denial of service attacks, SQL injections and other real time threats. The solution can detect and prevent attack, block attackers, generate reports, assess visitors and their activities, check their reputations, verify addresses and support SSL security.
  • NSFOCUS is a surefire preventive response to distributed denial of service attacks. The solution will protect your website from high volume or large scale attacks that are more sophisticated.
  • CSID can protect your business, employees and customers from identity theft. The solution includes threat intelligence, user & transaction monitoring, fraud detection, data breach mitigation and credit services.
  • HTTPS Everywhere is a basic requirement today. Just as HTTPS websites are safer to access and browse, HTTPS Everywhere helps secure your browsing, through the browser as an extension.
  • Social-Engineer prepares the employees and the management of a company to identify risks so the business can be protected from phishing and other traps.
  • OpenVPN protects the internal network and restricts external access to virtual or proxy servers. This is a quintessential need of the day.

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