15 Outstanding Progress Illustrations for Designers

Progress illustrations are very useful for designers to look at before starting a project. They can provide inspiration and help in creating mid-project goals. Nearly all hand-sketched and digitally-designed website and application graphics have a progress-illustration timeline behind them. Check out these 15 outstanding progress illustrations to inspire your next design project.

Colored Pencil Icons

When the designer behind this icon set needed unique and artistic icons for a new web project, they decided to track and photograph their progress. Now the early sketches of this useful icon set are available for inspection by any web designer with the goal of creating their own web icons. This progress illustration pack will show you the complete process of creating web icons, beginning with colored pencils and sketch paper.

2. Washington Post Concept Illustration

This design illustrations shows the stages of design for the Washington Post’s PostPoints website. You can see the general site features mapped out, and some details such as titles and icon placements being determined. The finished product kept much of the original design, but rearranged some icons and the Login placement. This design is outstanding for its comprehensiveness and shows the progress of design major corporations use.

High Quality Icons

This downloadable icon set contains full progress illustrations so you can see how each icon was made. This set will work great on any website, so download it or use it as a guide to create your own icons to upload to your web hosting. There are 40 icons in this package, each with detailed progress snapshots.

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4. Game Characters

These progress illustrations show the creation of game characters for a mobile game. This outstanding example of how graphics and characters are created will help you plan your own artistic design projects. These illustrations show over a dozen characters in various stages of completion.

5. Photography Design

These sketches depict photography-related icons and web graphics that would work great on any photographers or designers portfolio. Follow the steps in this progress illustration pack to create similar designs, or simply draw from these vintage camera illustrations to make your own artsy, retro designs.

6. Creating a Dog

If you’re a designer in need a dog logo, check out these progress illustrations for inspiration. You can follow the steps here to create an identical dog, or modify the plan to make your own perfect pup. The illustrations here show everything from initial sketches to filling in the last details.

7. Typography Progress Illustrations

While many of these examples depict the working stages of iconography creation, this unique progress illustration package shows you the steps of making great typography. Follow the sketches and mapping guidelines shown in this handy download to create your own unique typography and logos for websites, marketing materials and other online resources. 

8. Monster Characters

An IOS game designer left these progress sketches intact to show other designers the creative process behind making game characters. Use these sample characters for an inspiring guide to creating your own IOS or Android game design elements or characters.

9. Pen and Pencil Illustrations

This progress illustration set for designers shows pen and pencil sketches for typography and writing based websites. You can use these designs in your own workflow as a guide for measuring and drawing icons, or to replicate for representing writing utensils and related materials.  

10. Sketched Basic Icons

These icon sketches show the creative process through timeline snapshots of every stage of their making. You can use these as a reference when creating web icons for your next mobile application or site.

11. Mac Sound Icons

The designer of these music-related sound icons wanted to share their work with other designers. You can learn the process of making music notes, instruments and other audio-related icons for your own website or blog using the progress pictures found in this zip file.

12. Street Light Illustration

This progress illustration will teach you step by step how to create an outstanding streetlight design for your website or blog. It’s a great way to begin learning digital sketching and to create a useful piece of design work.

13. Early Icon Sketches

This progress illustration pack shows the process of sketching out web icons by hand. It starts with the first basic squares and icon outlines, and shows every step of the design process. Use this as a guide if you have your own web hosting and want to make your own web icon set.

14. Talents Game Icons

The maker of this RPG game icon set is sharing their progress illustrations through Dribbble, a popular design-based website. This icon set and accompanying illustrations shows how an iPad game’s icons are easily began and completed using pencil and paper and moving to a Wacom-style tablet with digital design software.

15. Food Icons

The designer of this food-related icon set uploaded their progress illustrations for use by the public. Take note of how the details were largely presented in the original design, and the progress was made by coloring previously pencil-shaded areas.

These progress illustrations from individual designers and major companies like the Washington Post should help guide you in creating your own logo and website graphic designs. Draw from the staged, progressive methods used to create these artistic and functional design patterns to create your own well-designed template, logo, or icon set.


Post Author: Heather Moors