5 Smart Ways to Select the Right Password Manager for Your Small Business

Be it a small or a large business, ensuring security of confidential data of any form is critical. It can be passwords of employees, confidential reports, financial information, and pricing or other similar sensitive information material. A leakage of such information often leads to breach in the compliance regulations and results in financial loss. It […]

A Website Owner’s Guide to Payment Gateways

The way business is carried out these days is completely different. There have been so many new innovations in the field of technology. Most of the businesses these days have gone online and this trend is increasing constantly. There has been an increasing level of transactions that are made online. Payment gateway is an electronic […]

Plusnet Launches SIM Only Deals

  Plusnet are well know for offering broadband to U.K. households and is soon to offer 4G SIM only deals to its line of other products. They are soon to be a quad player now, offering broadband, phone, tv and now mobile services. Life Mobile now Rebranded Life Mobile operated as a MVNO on the […]

Debugging Is Slowing Down App Development

  Debugging is an essential part of app development. There’s no way around it. Ideally, developers want to spend as little time as necessary debugging their software so they can concentrate more on creating the features their customers want. There is always that fine line between delivering a bug-free product and delivering one that is […]