Benefits of Open Source Operating Systems over Windows

Open source operating systems like Linux would have replaced proprietary OS like Windows had they been so great. This question might just be haunting your mind for some time. Had open source coding been so secure, user-friendly and efficient, then why would developers still work on creating proprietary software? You might just be wondering about […]

Streaming torrent online by Cloudload made easy

Torrents has replaced the way we consume audio visual content. With the rise in high speed  internet you favourite movies, TV shows  and music albums are available at the click of a button, ready for download. However, it might not always be feasible to download the content in its entirety. Especially if you want to […]

Install an External Hard Drive in Your PC for Data Recovery

If you locate that you are going for walks out of difficult power area, why not reflect on consideration on putting in a 2d force? External tough disk drives are excellent for backups and portability, but they may be slower than internal drives and soak up more resources. Before you could even think about putting […]