2021: Next Generation of Ransomware Attacks

In the present time, the growth of Ransomware has been huge, and it has caused huge problems for various institutions. There are new ways of a Ransomware attack developed by many groups. For more information, you can visit workexaminer.com.

Targeted Ransomware  

The gangs that use the Ransomware make a plan before they attack any organization; they properly choose those enterprises who can offer a vast amount of payday, and financial institution is one such money loaded enterprise. Previously the Ransomware gangs use a strategy known as “Fire and Forget”; this was used by tricking people into fortuitously encrypting their files so that the gang can make good money. In the present time, there are reports that the gangs are targeting those institutions that cannot afford to lose their data hence asking for a high amount of ransom.

Mobile Ransomware

Ransomware started from affecting personal computers and desktops, but now it has moved to tablets and smartphones. The type of Ransomware used in mobiles and tablets is a bit different from the Ransomware used in computers. Different Ransomware is used, but the effect is similar, not letting the victim access their own files. In the present day, mobile Ransomware is not considered a great threat as it does not affect any organization or institution. Still, this can be a significant issue for any individual as all their personal information is in jeopardy.


Zombie Ransomware 

Many Ransomware strains were considered to be extinct, but in the present time, the hackers are also reviving those strains and equipping them with new attacking methodsAccording to reports, it has been revealed that the hackers are updating and reusing their old malware variants with various malicious extensions and cryptography. This update gives more power to the variants to spread more quickly and encrypt the files at a much faster rate.

Ransomware Democratisation 

Ransomware is open to everyone in the present day, which means that all people can use Ransomware even if they are not technically skilled. This is because nowadays, the technical expert Ransomware makers are selling it at a price. People also buy this Ransomware and can use it according to their wish. On the dark web, there are many sellers of this Ransomware, and also there are many buyers of it at the same time.

The threat of Ransomware is increasing in the future, and with the advancement of technology, there can be new ways of using this Ransomware. It has been found that the total loss that has been incurred in the world due to Ransomware was $25 billion in 2019.

Post Author: Clare Louise