3 SEO Trends Crucial for Increasing Online Revenue in 2016


During the year of 2015, we have witnessed some major changes when it comes to search engine optimization and the way published and shared content is ranked. Namely, it is not enough to create content for its own sake anymore and focus only on stuffing it with keywords. It’s all about focusing on quality over quantity now and it is perhaps the best change that Google has introduced so far.

Google cares about quality and it is important, now more than ever before, to craft content of the highest relevance to target audiences all over the web. Although this particular Google update aimed at improving the quality of search results has made it more difficult for many people to push their content in order for their websites to rank higher in search engines, it has opened the door for many businesses to show actual quality and generate a lot more revenue.

There is certainly no shortage of content on the web, but, more often than not, you have to sift through numerous pieces of content in order to find exactly what you are looking for. This is because a great number of articles focus merely on keywords and internal link building for the sake of increasing domain authority, without actually providing useful and relevant information to the readers.

This is the main reason behind Google changing its algorithm in order to rank websites according to the quality of the provided content. When the quality of the content is higher, user experience is better, meaning that the content actually addressed the users’ pain points and provided them with the solutions to their problems.

By managing to accomplish that with your content, your website will rank much higher in search engines, which will directly impact your online visibility and the traffic you receive, ultimately helping you generate more leads and, needless to say, more revenue.

There are certain key trends regarding search engine optimization that every marketer looking to increase online revenue should be aware of, so read on to learn about them and consider following each and every one of those trends this year. Some, if not all of them, are certain to have an impact on SEO for many years to come, but then again, changes are inevitable, so you should always keep track of everything going on in the online world of SEO.

Mobile Optimization3

Mobile optimization has been one of the most talked-about concepts over the past several years but, ever since Google released a new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm referred to as Mobilegeddon in the SEO world, it has become absolutely critical. The new algorithm is designed to increase the ranking of mobile-friendly websites in search engines and, if you want to improve your search engine ranking, it is no longer an option to optimize your website for mobile devices – it is a necessity.

Since mobile users are growing in numbers as we speak, and it has been more than a year since mobile use exceeded desktop use, it is crucial that you provide them with a seamless mobile experience. However, in order to effectively accomplish that, it is not nearly enough to simply offer them great functionality; you need to provide them with the best possible way of experiencing your content.

It would do your business no good to optimize your website for mobile users without providing them with the content of the highest quality, as that is something that is certain to improve their user experience and, thus, improve your ranking in the SERPS. Content is not referred to as king for no reason – always keep that in mind.

Mobile optimization also includes mobile app optimization. Mobile apps keep growing in popularity and it is essential that they are optimized in order to provide the mobile users with the best possible experience. This is especially important for e-commerce platforms and each and every one of them should have their own mobile apps, as that will help them survive online in terms of their visibility, not to mention that it will help them increase their revenue, since 42% of all mobile sales are coming through mobile apps.

Facebook recently introduced Instant Articles, which provides mobile users with much better user experience, as it helps them instantly access the desired content on their mobile devices, so you should definitely implement that option when optimizing your website for mobile use.

Creating Quality Content4

Success in online marketing has become quite less defined by the ranking of websites and more by the quality of the content provided on websites. Since Google indexes user experience in order to gain an insight into the performance of websites, so that it could determine their ranking in search engines, it is paramount that you create content of the highest quality that your readers will find relevant and useful.

If you manage to craft compelling and enticing content that will appeal to your target audience, not only will you become their go-to resource for relevant and informative content, but you will also greatly improve your SEO ranking, since you will provide your audience with a much better user experience. You see how it’s all connected? Managing to perfect your content enables you to satisfy your customers, helping you increase your online visibility and SEO ranking, eventually helping you generate more revenue.

When creating quality content, you should focus on the vocabulary your target audience employs, so that they could actually understand what you are presenting them with. You should always have their preferences in mind, instead of only writing about stuff only you find to be relevant. Consistency is key and focusing on quality over quantity should always be in the forefront of your mind.

Quality content also means personalized content, as it gives your brand a personal touch that people love. Needless to say, you need to include high-quality images in your content, as visuals will make your content more appealing and engaging.

Video content is crucial – The demand for videos keeps increasing and it is essential that you include them on your website. You will rank much higher in search results if you implement video content, not only because it will help you provide a better user experience, but also because Google favorizes websites that include videos, whether on their blog or in any of their sections, such as the “About Us” section. It goes without saying that your videos should be hosted on YouTube, since YouTube is owned by Google, so they can appear as rich media in search engines.

According to many studies, companies that use videos in their content marketing campaigns have seen a significant increase in revenue and have doubled their conversion rates, so never underestimate the power video content has and the impact it can have on your business.

Social Media Presence5

The success of your online marketing campaign is also defined by your presence on social media. Having a great overall online presence is key for ranking higher in search engines, but social media have the power of taking your online presence to a whole new level.

By establishing your presence on social media networks and staying active on each and every one of those networks, your chances of reaching out to your target audience and greatly enlarging your customer base will be much higher. When you expand your social media presence, your visibility in search engines will quickly increase, which will help you drive more traffic to your website and generate more leads and conversions.

Social media provide the excellent opportunity for your customers to be your brand ambassadors, as they can share your content and help you spread the word about your brand. This will also help you increase your online visibility and, thus, your ranking in the SERPs.

Final Words

Content marketing goes hand in hand with search engine optimization and one cannot be improved without the other. Since content marketing cannot really yield many positive results without a good social media marketing strategy, it seems that all the three of these digital marketing techniques are interconnected – SEO, content marketing and social media marketing.

Therefore, if you are looking to improve your search engine ranking, you must always keep working on your content and social media strategies, not to mention that you should keep up with the SEO trends in the online world. The aforementioned trends are the most crucial ones that can help you increase your visibility and ranking in search engines and, thus, help you increase your online revenue, but there are more of those trends you should be aware of, so be sure to do your research and help your business grow.

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Post Author: Katherine Warren