5 Digital Marketing Trends That Work in 2018

Since the digital marketing space evolves daily, there is a pressing need to keep up. So, if you are planning to stay ahead of the competition, you should adopt the newest digital marketing & SEO trends for Melbourne businesses. But, there is so much fuss about what works and what doesn’t; making it hard to identify the best patterns to adapt.

Luckily, we have a list of digital marketing trends that work in 2018. Keeping in mind that you need to create awareness and convert visitors into repeat clients.

Use videos on the site

Videos have emerged as a top digital marketing trend in 2018; maybe because they provide a sense of personalization. The videos help to capture the attention of people who do not like reading. Besides, a four-minute video can replace a 500-word article; that’s how powerful they are.

Keep your blog updated

Articles come in the second position when it comes to brand awareness and conversion. Besides, 70% of web users prefer watching a video or reading about a company. Articles attract interested individuals who stay on your site longer, resulting in increased conversion rates. Therefore, post quality content regularly; it has many benefits, one of them being SEO.

Invest in an SEO service

One thing is for real, SEO is here to stay; it works hand in hand with content marketing. And if you get this two right, it will not take you long to realize an increase in sales. However, SEO is a continuous effort due to the ever-evolving nature of Google algorithms. They are updated 500 times a year, so try to keep up.

Consider artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence provides an opportunity to automate your digital marketing. Although many businesses have not adopted this option, some have used it to send automated welcome emails to subscribers. This automation makes it possible to respond to clients anytime, even on weekends and holidays. However, this is not the only thing AI can do for your business; do your homework and you will be impressed.

Social media marketing

Be sure to keep your social media hubs active. The most popular one being Facebook, where there are billions of users and creative advertising options. Also, have someone to man your Twitter and LinkedIn handles. Though there is AI for social media, there is a need for human interaction. It has more positive results since people prefer not to have live conversations with robots.


An SEO friendly website goes a long way in making all these efforts work. So, be sure to make regular updates on the site before implementing digital marketing strategies. Then you shall be on your way to success.


Post Author: Katherine Warren