5 Growth Hacks to Increase App Downloads Just After Launch

It is very hard to reach the audience you imagine after launch your app on app stores. Even if it is an amazing app, if you don’t know the best practices and growth hacks to boost it, you cannot increase your user base as you want. Actually, promoting your app should start before you launch it but if you miss that opportunity by launching your app, it is not still late to catch your audience. There are some amazing growth hacks that will help your app to be found by its audience.

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  • Burst Campaigns: ıf you haven’t heard this term before, it is time for you to open your eyes and get ready to discover one of the most effective ways to boost your app. Burst campaigns is a technique that is based on aggressive media buying in a short time to increase the category ranking of an app. It has a lot of advantages especially for newly launched mobile apps. Remember that every single day thousands of apps are launched and it becomes harder and harder to be found in app stores. As a result of this, your downloads and your category ranking are not increasing. Burst campaigns will help you to rank at the top of your category and even go viral. You also have a chance to test your app with real users.
  • Content Platforms: It sounds like an ineffective and a very slow way, doesn’t it? I wouldn’t count on it! You have no idea about how many downloads you can earn from just Product Hunt! If you already tried these channels but couldn’t get a positive result, sorry but, you most probably have no idea about each platform’s dynamics and best practices. Post your app to Product Hunt, Quora, Reddit, HackerNews, and review platforms. Believe me, you can get your first 1000 app users from just these platforms!
  • Friend Reference: Don’t forget that one of the most powerful user acquisition channel is Word of Mouth! People love to talk about new things and if you give them a way to talk about your app, they will use it. Reward them for each fried they invited and watch its amazing results. You can either do this inside your mobile app or you can prefer creating a social media campaign to reward your users.
  • Social Sharing: People love sharing so make this easy. If you trust your app, let users share their scores, quotes, or experience on their social media profiles with just a few clicks. This will give your app a chance to go viral. Remember that most of us download apps because we see them on our Facebook or Twitter timelines. There are amazing plugins to make this happen. Find the most appropriate tool for this and start letting people talk about your app.
  • Organic Efforts: Paid is not the only way to acquire qualified users. Have you ever heard the term: ASO. I’m sure you have. ASO stands for App Store Optimization and it is an amazing way to increase the visibility of your app. It means that you optimize your app store page according to both app store algorithms and your audiences’ preferences. From your app screenshots to app title, there are a lot of elements that you should smartly focus on and optimize.

Post Author: Heather Moors