5 Must-Have Features of a Reliable Wireless Router

While buying a wireless router, you may find yourself daunted looking at the innumerable options available in the market. The reason is most of these products tend to have more or less similar features. However, to assist you in getting a reliable wireless router from a reputed provider likeSolutions Safda, here are five must-have features that you must look for before purchasing.

MAC Address Filtration

Media Access Control (MAC) address is a unique identifier that is present in each device, which can be networked. MAC filtering exclusively keeps only those devices,which you allow, connected with your router. You can filter on an individual basis or set a list of MAC addresses to allow or deny the usage of the router. ‘Deny’ feature is very useful as you can ban a particular person from using the router.

Security Encryption

You should always keep a tabon the security front of your wireless router. This would prevent the router from being hijacked andalso prevent other users from performing illegal activities by using your network. So, do wireless security settings in a proper way. You will have options for WPA, WEP, and WPA-2. Choose WPA-2 or WPA as WEP is the weakest among these.

Guest Feature

Are you worried about sharing passwords with guests who request to use the internet connection when they are at your home? Don’t worry. The ‘guest feature’ will not let the visitors access all devices, thus ensuring complete security. Are you wondering how that is possible? Well, the guest feature will simply isolate the main network by letting the visitors get their own SSID and they simply don’t have any access to printers, PCs or other local network resources.

Wireless On/Off Button

Sometimes, you need to disable the Wi-Fi network temporarily because of troubleshooting interference or any other reason. For that, a switch or physical button is necessary as it will be more convenient to use. Besides convenient operation, it ensures the security of internet connection too. So, you should check this feature too.

USB Port Feature

Having a USB porter will be quite helpful. This gives you complete access to share content across the network. As you already know, USB port makes it completely easy and quick to exchange the data with PCs and all other networked devices. By having it on the router, you can easily share access with webcam, printer, and many other devices besides permitting to copy network settings for new system’s configuration.

Be careful while opting for the best router.Don’t let these features slip off your mind.


Post Author: James Marshall