5 Top Vaping Mistakes Revealed

Vaping is such an exciting activity, but it can sometimes turn out to be off-putting when it comes to how the device functions. There are basic rules of vaping, and if you willingly adhere to them, you will not experience a nasty taste while enjoying the vape. Buying your Blazed Vapes is incredibly easy. But it is good to avoid these mistakes.


  • Picking the wrong e-juice


Those who are new to vaping tend to choose any e-juice that looks pretty to them merely.  They should know that getting sidetracked by swanky casing is a rookie mistake. It is advisable to not only get the best flavor you will love vaping but also check the PG/VG ratio to make sure you get the best vaping experience. Always be sure to have a glimpse at the small print before committing to purchasing it.


  • Burning your coil out


If you keep chugging away your coil, you should wonder why whatever you draw in tastes like trash. See, you are supposed to change your coil, but this is dependent on how much you vape. For example; if you use your vaping kit several times a day, you should change your coil after a few weeks. By doing so, you will be inhaling fresh vapor, not a combination of burnt metals!


  • Forgetting to switch off the vape


It is not a no-brainer act to make use of the on/off switch on or off your device. So if you vape and return your kit in your bag or pocket without switching it off, you drain battery life and pose a safety peril. Just like any other electric gadget, a vaping kit should be treated the right way.


  • Utilizing wrong nicotine strength


When you begin vaping, it is good to make sure you are not using too little or even too much nicotine. For example; a heavy smoker, used to 20 + cigarettes should take 18mg nicotine liquids. 12 mg is suitable for medium smokers who are used to 10 to 20 cigarettes every day. And light smokers, taking ten cigarettes every day should opt for 3 mg liquid.


  • Running out of fluid


It is essential to pay attention to e-juice level in your kit’s tank. This is necessary since it can be daunting to inhale when the tank has nothing in it which may cause a burnt taste. This mistake of running out of fluid may eventually tempt you to purchase some cigarettes instead. So it is wise to be mindful of your vaping frequency and make sure you have additional liquid just in case you run out of e-juice can refill immediately.

Bottom Line

To get the most out of your vaping device, it is required you to make sure everything is as it is meant to be. If it has a switching feature, make sure you use it to switch on or off. Be sure of selecting the right e-juice, utilize the proper nicotine strength for you, and make sure you have extra fluid to avoid running short of it.


Post Author: Heather Moors