6 Effective Online Marketing Techniques for 2017 and Beyond

2017 has been a great year for eCommerce website owners who were not hesitant to put in some hard work. This trend is only likely to continue in 2018. The world of marketing on the internet is ever so dynamic with goals shifting faster than you can say squat. Only those who have a handy strategy in place are able to take advantage of the emerging trends and drive more business to their websites.

So as the year 2017 ends, what has it been like? What went down? How can you create your online marketing strategy for 2018 from the lessons that you learned in 2017?

The demand for engaging contents will go up

The demand for engaging contents in 2017 has been high, but come 2018, it will only be higher. Google and other search engines have shown their love for content written with a human touch. So maybe it is time to add two or three content writers to your team. If you do not, be assured that your business rivals are doing it and soon, they will outmaneuver you.

But content for online marketing is not just about writing. The demand for visual content, that is, pictures and videos has also increased a lot. The adage that a picture is worth more than 1000 words has never been more applicable. Consider that in your calculations for 2018.

Content marketing is becoming tougher

While content is king and will remain so for many years in the foreseeable future, it is going to be harder to stand out as every webmaster starts creating content. In fact, Google has been at the forefront grading content on its quality rather than quantity. Thus, only the very best will stand out and cash in on their content.

More automation

Trying to make money out of an eCommerce website is more like flogging a dead horse. Automation is driving businesses. Automation is going to help your marketing process by integrating many components of marketing like social media, B2B marketing, customer service and many more. Automation is the future for marketing on the internet.

Mobile will be king of content marketing

The years 2016 and 2017 have been great or mobile marketing with Google moving into make sure that mobile marketing stayed streamlined and consumer friendly. With an average mobile user glancing at their mobile phone at least 150 times a day, mobile is the right channel to reach people faster. For many years to come, mobile marketing will be ahead of desktop.

Australia is leading the way in digital ad spending

In 2017, Australia has been ahead of many countries on they spend on digital ads for mobile and computer. Although research shows that Australian mobile users find digital ads annoying and irrelevant and prefer to block them using ad blocking software for as many as 30 days, 50 percent of the marketing budget of a digital agency went to digital ads. Now, the main concern for the Australian businesses is how to configure their mobile ads so that they meet their target customer’s needs.

The biggest chunk of the time that Australians spend on the internet is spent on their Smartphone. In fact, reports from 2015 show the number of Australians who did their shopping through their internet-enabled devices grew by 50 percent.

Data driven marketing

Being in the age of big data, the first digital agency to make sense out of all the data they gather across their network will most likely be the first one to cash in on the data. The employment of predictive analytics for marketing is at an all time high in Australia and the world.

To make your eCommerce website effective, you will have to use data to predict your customers’ expectations by analyzing their behavioral characteristics on your website. That way, you can be able to tailor your email marketing messages to address their needs and push products that they may want through social media channels.

Data will also show marketers what people are looking for, and then you can be able to create engaging contents around the needs of potential customers.

Post Author: Katherine Warren