6 functions of cloud based CRM systems that make your relations with costumers more effective

Nowadays, CRM system is not just an application for sales department or even corporative software. It has become a powerful instrument, which covers all kinds of business objectives. CRM system allows managing costumers technologically, and it somehow makes it art.

And cloud based CRM solutions make it simpler to access and operate all data.  

In this article, we present six main functions of cloud based CRM that can make your business more client-oriented

The functions of cloud based CRM systems that help to identify your costumers.

CRM systems with the help of powerful analytical instruments and smart technologies are able to collect and process information about your costumers. This information is important for building steady relationships with them.

Accounting and developing costumers

CRM systems allow considering every costumer. The system stores all costumers database, including records of purchasing and preferences. Basing on this data, you can develop a due strategy of interfacing with costumers and make upsellings: suggest additional services, notify of promotions and discounts, and develop loyalty programs. Cloud based CRM systems provide almost unlimited storage capacity for this data.

Exploration of demands

CRM systems document all delivered services and sold goods by pre-configured groups in a directory. This information can be analyzed, and it would help selecting goods that is in due demand. Add goods categories that suit objectives of your business to your directory and create alternative characteristics of costumers (e.g. profitable, regular, etc.) Segment your costumers by consumption profiles and count profits of groups and goods Use this information for making long- and short-term projections. The system also allows managing a sales plan.

Tracking changes in client profiles.

CRM system is a user-friendly means of tracking profits from costumers and rate of interfacing with them. Purchasing power is not a static indicator and it is always affected by multiple factors. The system allows analyzing delivered services and purchased goods, so you can distinguish these factors and develop due marketing activities. With the help of cloud based CRM system, you can easily backup and restore all profiles if needed.

Goods catalogue management

In addition to the above, CRM systems also allow creating demands. Thoroughly collecting and analyzing data, you can track any changes in your costumers’ demands and foresee new trends.

Project management and business time management

The system provides effective personnel management: setting tasks and controlling its completion, tracking efficiency of each manager according to KPI, managing projects and organizing teamwork.

Marketing activity management and loyalty program management

CRM system can help to plan and manage all kids of marketing activities, such as promotions, webinars, advertisement campaigns, etc.  The system sets date and place of each event, helps to form a target audience, a budget and a team and collects feedback.

It is also a convenient means of managing loyalty programs – from card issuing to bonus processing.

Post Author: James Marshall