7 Apps To Synchronize Your Mac And Meizu

Unlike windows users Mac users with Meizu phones needs a reliable app to synchronize their phones & Computer. Here are a list of seven apps that you can use for this purpose and are absolutely perfect to synchronize Android Meizu with Mac.

  • SyncMate

SyncMate is the best free sync app Mac users can find. It allows synchronization of Mac computers with multiple devices. It synchronizes contacts, calendar events, safari bookmarks, photos & music playlists and allows you to watch call history from your Mac and view and manage your SMS. SyncMate, an app to sync Meizu phones with Mac is a godsend for Mac users.

  • Google drive.

It’s a file storage and synchronization tool owned by the tech giant Google. It allows to share, synchronize files among various devices. It also works with contacts & calendars.

  • TunesGo

It’s a file transfer tool made by Wondershare. Once you connect your Mac to Meizu it gives access to your phone files to transfer backup media files and manage your android apps & contacts.

  • Duckto R6

This helps you to transfer media files from your Mac to Meizu without having to consider users, permissions, etc. It’s available on Mac & Windows devices. It’s a transfer tool not a sync app.

  • Double twist sync

It’s an app that help you to synchronize media only files in your Mac and Meizu. The disadvantage is it cannot sync other file types as it only supports media files.

  • Android file transfer

It’s a free app that helps in viewing & transferring files between Mac and Meizu phones. It doesn’t synchronize personal data like calendar events, contacts and it can’t transfer several files at once and it hasn’t been updated for five years.

  • Dropbox

It’s a backup and file transfer method. It offer cloud space that can be upgraded freely by referring friends. But it’s not a sync app.

Post Author: Heather Moors