Advantages and Disadvantages of SIM only

Advantages of SIM only Deals

With SIM only you will only get a SIM card with the deal. The SIM once registered will have the tariff you signed up to. Now all networks offer SIM only including broadband providers like Virgin and Plus net. The larger networks like Three which offer 3 SIM only deals offer a range of plans to choose from. Overall, there is plan to suit everyone.

The cost of the SIM only deal is far cheaper as you are not paying for the cost of a handset. You can find some of the best SIM only deals when comapring tariffs. Mobile contract phone deals would come with a handset with the tariff, which is spread over duration of the contract usually over 24 months.


The lowest agreement you can get is on rolling monthly contract, which is very flexible if you want to be on a short length contract agreement. If you are leaving abroad or want to wait for the latest mobile then SIM only deals on a short contract is ideal.

If you have your own phone, you can stop carrying on paying your contract, as the networks will continue to charge you the same amount. You can then find a far cheaper tariff with SIM only.

Disadvantages of SIM only Deals

There are some downsides to considering SIM only deals such as providing your own phone for the deal. If you do not have a phone you would have to buy an unlocked one if you want to be able to choose any network. Unlocked mobile phones can cost over five hundred pounds so there is a big outlay. It is recommended to get a second hand smart phone that you are familiar in using.

Another disadvantage is that you would not get many of the offers and benefits that contract mobile phone deals may get like free gifts and cash back offers. Some deals can also be found advertised on Facebook for SIM only deals.

Furthermore, if you are not on the right tariff you could be charged extra for going over the tariff limits with SIM only, although the good thing with SIM only is that you can easily change tariffs.


SIM only deals can be value for money as you are not getting a subsidised phone at extra cost saving money. This is not for everyone as some might prefer not to fork out for the phone altogether. Having the option of SIM only is a great addition to the other contracts available for mobile users.

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