Advantages and Features of WordPress Over Blogger for Businesses?

 Whether you own a business or offer a service, having a website is essential to reach a wider audience and get customers online. The world of the internet has revolutionized the market as it was known, and nowadays the presence on the web is vital.

The moment of taking the step to create a platform is when the headaches and doubts begin since we have so many possibilities that the information overflows us. One of the most popular questions is whether to use WordPress and Police WordPress theme or Blogger, these two CMS or content management systems are very popular among webmasters but with somewhat different characteristics.

Therefore, today I will present the advantages of using the WordPress CMS for your business instead of Blogger, and finally, I will conclude what, in my view, would be the most appropriate to start an online business.

Advantages and Features of WordPress

WordPress is the most used content management system in the world: it allows us to create a blog in just a few clicks, it is free and has thousands of plugins that will make our lives much easier.

We have two usage options. The first is to use it for free from and the second is to download it (also without spending much) from

With the first option, we will not have to buy hosting, since external servers of the platform itself will be used, but we will see limited options, such as the use of custom templates, advertising insertion, and the domain will be of the type “the name you want. “.

With the second option, we will have to buy hosting on our own, but we will not have any kind of limitation. You see the difference?

In both cases, the main features that WordPress highlights are:

  • Extremely simple installation.
  • Almost unlimited customization options thanks to the large number of options, templates, and plugins.

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  • The possibility of an automatic update.
  • Option to work in multiple ways with several users.
  • Allows registration of users and other similar advanced options.
  • Broad support, in several languages, well explained and updated.
  • Free and open code.


Even though there are many other content management systems out there to use for your online service of business, WordPress is widely chosen worldwide a larger population of webmasters because of it’s easy to use and vast customization capabilities. Blogger is mostly restricted and for those serious in their online businesses, WordPress has all it takes and sends all other content management systems to the shadows.

Post Author: Clare Louise'