All You Need to Know about 9apps

According to surveys, people tend to spend most of the time using their phones. You might not even realize that you invest majority of time in a day checking mails, replying to chats, surfing on social media and so on. Since phones have become smart, your dependency on them has also grown. However, to get access to various applications and websites, we need to have them in our phone. Google Play store is the only source that could allow you to get access to these applications and their updates. There are possibilities that it does not contain the applications you want. Not to worry, the right solution for your problem is here!9Apps is the perfect place to have all your queries sorted.

What is 9Apps?
9Apps is an Android Play Store for which you do not need a Google account. It is the perfect stop for your hunt to the best app Store. It is an alternative to Google Play Store from where you can download all such android apps that are not available on the Play Store. It is an independent space that allows you to get access to free and search for multiple apps, games and so on. This application has developed and launched by Alibaba Group. The purpose of this app is to give audience with such a platform that enables them to seek for popular applications which would not be available on Google Play Store. This app gives you the liberty to download unlimited content including movies, games, wallpapers and apps.

Why should you download 9Apps?
• Of course, you would not want to do something without receiving benefits from it. Being a rational buyer, you must know what extra 9apps offers you. The highlight of 9Apps is that you do not need to have a Google account to download anything from 9Apps store.
Many people are not willing to have a Google account because then all your activities on net could be monitored by it, but they have to do it because they need one to get access to the apps from Google Play Store. This restriction is completely eliminated. The dependency on Google reduces as you are free to download any application, game, wallpaper or any other media content and 9Apps would not ask for any account.

  • Another very important reason why you must download 9Appsis because it provides you with an alternative to the monopoly of Google Play Store. There are so many applications and games that Google Play Store does not have. According to the last count, 9Appslists more than 10 Million apps and games. That is a huge number and who gets to enjoy the benefit of it, of course, the visitors. You will have variety of options and might get the apps you had wanted to use for long but couldn’t get them in Google Play Store.

Do not restrict yourself in a monopoly place and enjoy the benefits of alternative that could help you in enhancing you experience of surfing for apps and games. Explore the wide variety of services of 9Apps. This smart app store is the perfect choice for your smart phone.


Post Author: Katherine Warren'