Benefits of CNC Machining

Conventional machines come with their own benefits, but could it be time to invest in CNC machining? Here is some information to help you decide if such a change would be beneficial to you:

Mass Production 

If you are looking to create singular custom products, then conventional machining works well. However, if you need to mass produce an item, then CNC machining is far more fitting. CNC works by following computerised instructions which allow it to create the same identical piece over and over with no variations.  This bypasses the need for an experienced operator to operate a piece of machinery.

Extensive Skills and Experience Are Not Necessary

Conventional machines require operators to have long term experience to get reap optimal benefits from it. Of course, experience is beneficial in any job but with CNC machining you can ensure high quality of product without the necessity of an experienced worker to directly create each item.

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Minimal Labour

The way CNC machining services works hugely diminishes labour costs. With many machines being operated by one programme, there is no need for an army of engineers to create a high volume of products. Conventional machining, on the other hand, requires labourers to operate the machinery, which opens the door for more human error and can lead to inconsistent production levels.

CNC Machining Does Not Require Prototypes

Because of how the programming works, prototypes are not necessary for CNC machining. Instead, CAD (Computer Aided Design) is used to create a computerised model. Then, a code is created to instruct the machines to create this design. Creating prototypes (and revisions of said prototypes) costs time and money.  Custom CNC machining bypasses this issue.

Increase in Production Options

The technological advancement of CNC machining allows for the creation of far more intricate and complex designs, which would not be possible to create with conventional machinery. The software used with CNC machining can also be updated, which means that there are always avenues to improve the machines’ functionality, again further widening production options.

The Skills Required for CNC Machining Match better With Modern Workers

In line with technological advancements, skill classes in schools adapt and develop to keep up with the times. Many of the analytical and mathematical skills which are required for the operation of conventional machinery aren’t as present in schools as they once were. Information Technology is taking the world by storm and, as a result, is becoming more and more present in schools across the world. This is creating a generation of people who are familiarised with technology at a young age and are therefore more inclined to be adept at programming and CNC machining, rather than conventional machining.

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