Benefits of New Telepresence Technology

People have always conceptualized the benefits of telepresence that could allow them to reach, feel and do things in remote locations. So far the technologies available for the process have been too expensive for common people and even businesses to use. But with new mobile-based technology, that is all going to change. Individuals and organizations will be able to use this affordable and easy-to-use technology to be present anywhere in the world.

New Telepresence Technology

The new technology involves Avatars, Usars and the use of cryptocurrency. As a Usar, you can avail the services of an Avatar (who is a person located in any part of the world) to go and do anything. They will act on your behalf for a certain fee. And all the directions can be given through a GUI based control over the live video stream. All that you are required to do is pay the Avatar for their services in cryptocurrency.

Benefits of Using the New Technology

There are so many benefits of using this new mobile-enabled technology.

  • Communication

Join a meeting and communicate effectively through your Avatar. The technology enables enhanced visual collaboration, thus making communication even more effective.

  • Go Anywhere without Traveling

Whether it is a business trip or a desire to visit a famous tourist destination, traveling costs a lot and also takes time. With the new technology you can visit any place in the world through your Avatar. You can see places, meet people, talk to them, touch things and do so much more without having to spend so much time and money.

  • Empower Your Business

The benefits of telepresence are not just limited to personal pursuits, fun and traveling. You can also use the technology to empower your business. It enables better communication and collaboration. Visit remote offices, meet partners and clients, or operate machines through your Avatar and save yourself the time and money spent on traveling.

Powered by a mobile app, the technology allows you to be present in any part of the world and do almost anything.

Post Author: Michael Crafts'