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The web hosting industry has grown a lot due to internet usage. In the near future, it is going to grow more as small and big businesses are getting online. Everyone wants to create their presence on the internet in order to survive in this cut-throat competition. There is also a competition between the web hosting providers that can offer prompt features at affordable prices. The company that manages these two simultaneously is best from my point of view. As I don’t want to compromise on any feature just because the cost associated with it is high. And after searching a lot, I finally landed to MilesWeb site. As I already had terrible experience from other so-called “big name” hosting provider, I decided to go for the emerging star and started my journey with MilesWeb.

I have received many messages asking me to suggest the best and cheap web hosting uk provider and how do I rely on them. It wasn’t possible for me to reach each and every individual on a personal basis, so I decided to write a review article about MilesWeb. It will be beneficial for everyone, maybe you haven’t asked me any question but the article also answers what you were looking for. So, it will be worth reading.

About MilesWeb :

MilesWeb was started in the year 2012 with an aim to bridge a gap between the hosting needs and its prices.

After a lot of studies and rich experience in the web hosting industry, the founders came up with the solution for what every hosting aspire is looking for. Now, MilesWeb has around 10,000 happy customers and day-by-day its getting increase. The company has hosted nearly 1 million websites till the date. MilesWeb offer web hosting services, affordable shared hosting, cheap reseller hosting uk, managed VPS powered by DigitalOcean, AWS cloud hosting, managed dedicated server hosting.

Customer review :

MilesWeb happy customers never fail to share their amazing experience. 

If you are a startup or blogger and looking for a hosting plan to host your website with unlimited bandwidth, then Economy plan is the best suit for you. The cost of it is just £ 0.94/month.

Also, I have read many comments asking me, where can they get the free domain?

So, I would like to tell you, that with the Value and Unlimited plans from MilesWeb, you get a free domain for lifetime with unlimited bandwidth, SSD disk space, My SQL database, and email accounts.

The multiple email accounts can be used for department wise mailing system. That means you can allocate separate mail ids to your sales, marketing or technical department. Suppose you have company named ABC, so, for its sales department your mail id will be ‘abc[@]sales[.]com’. This looks more professional and can easily find out related to what have you received the mail. This is a better way rather than having the same mail id for all the departments.


The best hosting features by MilesWeb are :

1) Free SSL Certificate :

Every hosting plan from MilesWeb comes with the SSL certificate that tells about the security of your website. The green lock associated with your website makes your visitors feel secure while browsing through it. The SSL certificate also helps to boost your SEO ranking, as Google has already declared that it is going to consider only the ‘https’ websites for the SEO performance.

2) Pure SSD Storage :

The SSD drivers speed up the performance of all the websites that are hosted on the server. This can increase your websites speed by 20 times to what it currently has.

3) DataCenter Choice :

Nearer the data-center, better the response of your website gets. As the requested data doesn’t have to travel long distances that leads to more number of spikes. So, the data center location also plays an important role in the performance of your website. MilesWeb gives you the choice to select a data-center location from India, USA, and UK during your sign-up process.

4) One-Click Installer :

1 click installer allows you to install 400 plus applications according to your usage. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, MyBB are some of the most used applications.

5) Site Builder :

Anytime if you wish to create a website without depending on the website developer, then website builder tool will be helpful for you. You don’t need to have any coding skills for this, just a simple drag and drop process creates a professional and appealing website for you.

6) Secure Email Accounts :

The transfer of emails from the websites hosted on MilesWeb follows the POP3 /SMTP / IMAP protocol. This keeps your emails secure from hackers.

7) Built-in Page Caching :

The web pages accelerated with APC, xCache and OpCache lead to faster loading of your website to the visitors.

8) Updated MySQL and PHP :

The MySQL and PHP software come with the upgraded versions with all the hosting packages. The team keeps itself up-to-date with the newest plugins and also, automatically installs them to your account.

9) Free Website Migration :

When I switched from my previous provider to MilesWeb, the technical team from MilesWeb has migrated my website data to their server at free of cost and that too without any data loss.

10) Malware Scan and Removal :

The team keeps a continuous watch on the server, so any virus detected is removed for you, so that your site can work normally without hampering any of its aspects.

Some of the important web hosting add-ons by MilesWeb are :

1) Website Backup – £2.50/mo

Get free from the daily backup activity as with the Website Backup plugin, your data gets secured automatically and on the daily basis. That means the plugin takes daily backup of your data.

2) SpamExperts – £2.50/mo

SpamExperts protects your inbox from the malware, spam, and viruses. It acts as a filter between your system and incoming emails.


3) Sitelock Basic –  £20/yr

Sitelock basic ensures the complete website security against malware, hacker attacks, external thefts, and other vulnerabilities.

4) Google Webmaster – £12 One time

Google webmaster tool gives you statistics and diagnoses your site so as to provide the report of Google’s indexing of your website.

5) Analytics Integration – £12 One time

It is a powerful tool that helps to monitor your website traffic and statistics. This tool helps you to forecast the situations so that you can make your plans accordingly.

Final Words :

The 24/7/365 days technical support from MilesWeb has made it the best web hosting provider in UK. The team has a record of troubleshooting almost every issue for their customers. The 99.95% uptime gets a cookie point, as it never fails your website performance in front of your visitors.

The company believes in its product and therefore, gives a 30 days money back guarantee period, as they know, the user won’t get unhappy with the product and service offered to him.

So, if you are looking for a genuine web hosting provider then, MilesWeb is all you need.


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