Climate Change and the Affect on Antarctica


Many people claim that global warming doesn’t exist which is probably the dumbest thing I have heard anyone say. If s company would ever publically write this online, they can immediately consult the removing complaints from Google company since they will for sure receive a lot of hate and negative reviews about this sort of comment. It is said that climate change is making Antarctica greener now and in areas where plants grow, its not only surviving, it is thriving according to Nicole Riva from CBC News. The moss banks that grow along the Antarctica Peninsula have steadily increased as a result of warmer temperatures and an increase in ice-free land. As temperatures start to rise with climate change, Antarctica will no longer be known as the white continent since it is slowly becoming greener.

This study is one of the most comprehensive looks at how climate change is impacting the South Pole. Antarctica sea ice hits a record low that early data shows. Researchers have been looking at the changes over the last 150 years and there is a significant increase in moss growth especially from 1950 to 1980. The mosses are now colonizing new land and the increase in moss is also encouraged by not just climate change but along with a glacial retreat, which has created more ice-free land. People around the world need to start cleaning up their act and actually think about how we can stop climate change as a team together. Everyone needs to come together and work together to improve climate change. Hopefully this will save Antarctica and it will stop becoming more greener and still be known as the white continent. People need to think about their impact around the world and not just in their city or in their country.

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