Common PC Gaming Problems and How to Fix Them

While many people enjoy consoles, PC gaming gives a more exceptional experience than playing on a console. However, gaming PCs are complex and since they lack standardized components, there is no guarantee that your game will run smoothly all through.

We have compiled a list of the common PC gaming problems and viable solutions to the same.

Artifacts and Glitches

Commonly identified through graphical weirdness, glitches or artifacts are caused by missing, malformed, or inflated game geometry. Textures may seem strangely pixelated or colored, and some portions of your screen might look odd, suffer from banding, or seem to flicker.

Such problems normally arise as a result of a video card fumbling game data sent to it. At times, outdated drivers are the cause of your PC gaming trouble. In this case, you can do a quick google search to update your drivers to the latest version.

An overheating or falling graphics card may also lead to gaming problems. Be sure to check the temperatures of your gaming card with tools like TThrotte and if the temperature exceeds 100 degrees, shut down your PC for a while to cool down. If temperatures look fine, download Furmark and run a stress test. Should artifacts still appear, you then should consider replacing your video card.

Excessive Lag Online

Ever lined up a shot, squeezed the trigger and then nothing happened after hitting the mouse button? Online lag is quite frustrating and at times looks difficult to deal with. The online lag you experience will mostly be dictated by your internet connection. Start by looking if there are active video streams or downloads on your networks as this may lead to a lag if your router is not giving priority to your game. Turn off anything that is competing for connectivity and try gaming again.

Temporary Hanging or Freezing

Games should run more smoothly on a PC than any other platform, but this is not always the case. Occasionally, you may run into a problem in which a title tends to frequently hang or freeze for seconds at a time before normal play is resumed. In most cases, this usually results from a bottleneck in the performance of your computer. Hangs are normally caused by a sudden deficiency of resources, and this forces your game to freeze when waiting for your PC to catch up.

Check to ensure that the RAM of your PC, processor, hard drive and Video RAM meet the game specifications recommended by the developer. If they do not, you then will need to make an upgrade.If specifications meet levels recommended by the developer, you could then clear out all unnecessary background processes, download latest gaming card drivers, and free up space from your hard drive.

Screen Tearing

Tearing is a visual artifact that appears once frames shown in a game tend to split into a bottom and top half without aligning. In severe cases, this split could be 3 to 4 times.

Unlike other gaming problems, tearing is caused by extreme performance. Many monitors have a refresh rate of 60Hz. This means that they can only refresh their images 60 times per second. However, a fast gaming computer is capable of playing more titles at much higher speeds. Once frames start to come at quicker rates than a monitor is capable of refreshing, a refresh could contain information from multiple frames thus causing a problem.

The ideal fix for this is an in-game setting known as V-sync. This locks the output of a game to a maximum, which is in most cases usually 60 frames a second. If you have much dough to spend, you can resolve this problem by buying a monitor with a refresh rate of 120Hz.


Different from hanging/freezing, shuttering happens at higher frequency levels, with each “hang” lasting at most one millisecond. At first glance, the problem may not be noticeable but will be eventually apparent upon fast movement.

The leading cause of shuttering is Multi-GPU setups. They cause frames to arrive in uneven patterns and hence cause a shutter effect. You can fix shuttering by disabling one of your video cards, or by downloading the latest drivers if you are using Nvidia. If using AMD, you can try out their beta drivers.


As you fix the above problems for optimum efficiency, make sure you invest in the right gaming gear. We are here to guide you on the best gaming hardware in the market today and have compiled tons of reviews on the same. Click here to explore hundreds of gaming mouse, keyboard, CPU, graphics cards, and laptop options for 2019.

Post Author: Heather Moors'