Concept Of Strategic Design Gives A Fair Idea About Tech Debt

To get a fair idea about tech debt, the concept of strategic design can be helpful. It says that a system cannot maintain the same level of quality throughout and time would come when the velocity would decrease. It is this time when a development team must decide and choose to avoid such bad quality and leave it to chances or to make necessary amendments to improve the quality of the code. Messy codes are rarely read or touched and do not implement any important requirements and do not require being perfect. Therefore, you do not need to spend a lot of time and effort on refactoring such messy codes to a great one.

Find The Part

When the question is regarding the part which should have good quality, strategic design can help you a lot. In some cases, it is possible that a part of the implementation may have a bad design but not a bad quality wherein no good design is required for that specific part of the implementation. It may be argued at this point that each specific piece of code may not need to have good quality but whether or not that would lead to the creation of an unmaintainable system. Such discrepancies and difference in opinions can be best communicated to other teams with the help of strategic design.   Image result for Concept Of Strategic Design Gives A Fair Idea About Tech Debt

Better Communication Within

Strategic design helps in better communication within the project and as a result, you have a better understanding of tech debt and your team can take better decisions from the stakeholders of any software project. The development team would realize that every code is not required to be implemented elegantly it that required too much of time and effort. Customers, on the other hand, realize that quick and dirty solutions can lead to tech debt which the project has to pay back eventually. Tech debt is all about hidden quality issues within a code which when surfaces result in the utter failure of the entire project.

Stakeholders Of Technical Debt

Tech debt concerns all the stakeholders of the project as customers get annoyed by the missing features in a code and the bugs present in it. All this leads to the lower productivity, functionality, and performance of the project. This is tech debt which leads to additional cost for the help desk, the increase in development time and the quality issues become a problem for safe and easy marketing. The bugs present within the code lead to frequent patches that have to be made which annoys the operations team. All these annoyed teams in your business cannot produce a good result and make the management happy.

Pay To Survive

Just like you require best egg loans to pay off your debts you must pay tech debts at the earliest as well so that your business can survive.  If you have too many annoyed parties, it will affect the working environment, delay in production, low-quality product, security problems and bad publicity. Lastly, if you do not want your development team to suffer and not take over the bad work of others, you must take tech debt seriously.


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