Contentmart Review – How I Earn $100 Every Week

Content mart is an online content marketplace launched in August 2015.Contentmart connects businesses that need quality content withthousands of verified and quality freelance writersin India and all over the world. As the demand of content writing jobs and webcontent copy writersincreasing, this is a huge attraction point for many employers and has made Contentmart to be what I believe is one of the best marketplaces incontent creation.

How I made over $100 on Contentmart per week

Now if you think $100 per week is impressive, then you haven’t seen anything yet. I makeover $100 per week on Contentmart. Yes, you heard right. I make that much money per week here I literally started my career from scratch here.  I only planned to useContentmartjust to help jumpstart my career and earn some extra cash as backup. Yet, six months later at I still found myself getting work through Contentmart and make $100 a week. Image result for Contentmart Review - How I Earn $100 Every Week

 Don’t underestimate Contentmart. If you follow this advice, it is completely realistic that you can utilize Contentmartfor a full time living or some additional cash on the side within just a few months.

If I can do it, then you can do it as well. 

 How to start earning money at Contentmart?

Phase 1) Preparation

Getting started on Contentmart is easy. The first thing you need to do is create your profile as a content writer. Go through and fill out everything asked their in as much detail as you can. Once your profile is 100% complete you are ready to bid on Contentmart projects.

 Key points for having a good profile

With Contentmart, you must have very good profile in order to get clients attention.

  • Put around 1-2 primary skill sets that you are offering.
  • Try to be specific as well. Instead of offering ‘article writing’ offer ‘finance article writing’, etc’
  • Be as specific as possible with the skill sets you are offering.
  • A good quality portfolio and body of work is essential for success inContentmart.

 Setting your rate on Contentmart

Early on, you shouldset a low rate until you get at least a few content writing jobs. When you have done few jobs then raise it once you have the reviews under yourname.

Take the Contentmart Tests

To begin working on Contentmart you must past a few simple tests and also on the skill sets you desire for your profile. Each test can take about 20 minutes and I ensure you it is worthwhile.

Once you complete these tests .your profile gets more reliable and portfolio becomes stronger.

 Phase 2) Getting the work

Once you have optimized profile, it is time to start applying for jobs. Go on job listing page and look for jobs similar to your skill sets and apply.

Early on, I recommend you to apply to a lot of jobs on Contentmart. Over time, as you do more work, and you gain more high reviews for your work and you will begin to be regularly invited on jobs.

Generally the first job is the hardest. Clients hesitate to hire someone with no reviews or past work on Contentmart. Don’t get discouraged and just take what you can to get that first job!

 Phase 3) How to apply for Contentmart jobs and actually win them

When you are applying for these jobs, you are competing with fellow web content copywriters. So better make a good bidding proposal and win edge over others.

Tips for writing a bidding proposal:

  • Don’t use a templateoffer; write on time as per project’s expectations and need. Write” why you are interested in it and what experience you has which relates to the project?”
  • Add links to any relevant work you done in past.
  • Point out that you are a good English speaker and when they hire you, then you can ensure quality work and that the job will get done right etc.

Communicating with clients

After sending out applications, many clients will send you a message asking follow up questions before they actually decide to hire you. Always try to respond to these e-mails quickly and answer their follow up questions.

Final words

Content writing jobs are latest trends and freelancer writers in India are highly in demand .So why to wait, go on and create an account today in Contentmart. Contentmart is a must to try site for freelancer writers looking for some genuine paying writing jobs as well as for clients aspiring for high quality and genuine content.

Post Author: Alice Walter'