Contentmart: The Best Platform for Writers and Clients

Are you a content writer, looking for the perfect platform to kick start your career? Or are you looking for a great content writer for your website or magazine? Well, you don’t need to worry now. Because for both the ways, I have a solution here. Contentmart! Contentmart is that big platform in which you can find a job as a content writer, or you can find some great content writers who will devote their time to your content and that too at affordable price. Here, I am going give a Contentmart review, why it is the best platform for writers and clients.

Contentmart for Writers–

Contentmart serves their writer very well. If you want to work as a writer, you have to choose the writer option while sighing in. After filling every needed credential such as emails etc. You have to give an English test which will check your grammatical knowledge. This test has three levels– beginner, intermediate and advanced. Once you are completed with this task, you will enter into your account, and you have to fill every other detail like school, work preference, etc. And you have to give perfect work samples to help your clients. Once you have successfully provided all details, you are free to bid on orders that attract your interest. The best part is that you do not have to pay anything, the bidding is free. Once you get an order, Contentmart will charge 10% of that amount. Bu remembers, if you are selected as a writer, you should pay attention to providing your work on time before it expires. You can withdraw your money from Contentmart anytime. Bu the minimum withdrawal amount is 3000 INR.

With 43000 clients and strict privacy policy, contentmart can prove to be the best platform for any content writers. And here no one can under pay you as Clients have to pay minimum 0.40 paisa per word. Happy Bidding!

Contentmart for Clients–

As far as it is a heaven for writers, it can be the same for clients too. Unlike writers, clients do not have to fill many credentials before putting up any order over here. After sighing in, you have to choose the option ‘start as a client’. After it is completed, you can put up your order by clicking the option ‘New Order.’ Thereafter you choose your best writer to complete the project and you are done. However, if you do not like the content given by any writer, you are free to reject that work, and your amount will be refunded to your account.

Unlike other websites, Contentmart devotes its sole purpose on the field of content writing. With strict privacy policy and free sign-in option, it is very easy to handle. Here you can find many great writers as well as many great clients too to work with. Happy Writing, folks!


Post Author: Alice Walter'