Detailed AdNow Review: Right From Its Inception To Registration

AdNow is mainly known to be a new advertisement site, which provides publishers with the opportunity to use some native ads, depending on the widgets. Right now, this online source is known to have 1+ million publishers, which can clearly show the importance of this website. If you want to learn more about it, then checking on a detailed Adnow review from a reputed source can work pretty well around here. In case, the publishers are not able to work on Outbrain, RevContent or Taboola, then AdNow is the place for them. Here, the RPM rate is similar to that of Taboola, making it a good choice for the publishers.

Time for the company:

Before you get right into the details, it is important for you to learn a bit more about the company. AdNow is the brain child of Digital marketers and it all started in the year 2014. This idea comprises of RTB and Big Data experts, who came together for creating this new hybrid platform. For improving user engagement, they have served advertising along with other interest areas from other online sites. So, if you have made plans to interest clients, then this website will be able to use banners and ads in simultaneous campaign.

A year-long project:

It took almost 1 year for AdNow to come into being and develop this mazing prototype. However, this might be a long time but at least, the algorithms were all right. The founders had quite some experience in the field of Big Data, RTB, Pay Per Click and in other platforms with the help of advertising. Right from its inception, it took around 2 years for the experts to reach that target of being the top Native ad. Currently, their statistics have 1,500,000 clients and with over 4+ billion impressions covering each month. It even reached 107 countries, which is clearly another milestone to consider.

Requirements for joining this network:

You don’t have to undergo any specific requirements while joining this network. But, their main purpose is to look for quality ads, which will turn out to be more attractive among users. They are likely to review each website manually. Furthermore, there will be a short registration form, which will be sent in for the final approval. They are likely to accept publishers but that won’t happen if the website generates fake users. So, it is mandatory to keep these basic points first before proceeding further with the advance stage.

Other steps to follow:

It is important for you to verify your ownership and that needs to be completed in few steps, as mentioned. You can do that by either sending a file or HTML tag. After approved, the publishers can easily start earning through their advertised contents. It will not take more than 3 hours for approving. Remember that “adult only” content is out of this league and won’t be accepted. There is no such requirement for traffic, but good ones can act as bonus. Generating fake traffic through code chancing in ad is not acceptable.

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