Different Trends in Technology

GWC USA Inc is a retailer that understands the latest trends can make or break their company. The GWC USA Inc is a retailer that manufactures and sells a variety of valves and they are mainly a business-to-business company. They serve different industries including the exploration and production, petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas, power, and the mining and minerals industry.

There are several different trends such as technology trends, economic trends and social trends that influence consumers and the way that they shop. Retailers need to constantly be changing the way that they conduct their business to the trends that consumers have been adapting to. When it comes to different technology trends, today it is all about wearable technology, cloud automation, ambient proximity, 3D printing and security and privacy meaning that with all the cyber security breaches. Data security and privacy are becoming top priorities for small business owners to invest in.

When it comes to economic trends, consumers have been in the most debt than ever especially homeowners therefore a big mega trend is that they have been trying to save money and not spend so much. Other economic trends include energy, crowd funding, a shift from jobs to gigs and the growth of the contingent workforce which means hiring someone externally to increase workforce flexibility and agility.

When it comes to the different social trends, consumers have been adapting to being more insecure about themselves and following what other people have been doing such as the huge health craze trend. Consumers nowadays are starting to be more cautious and instead of getting medication, their doctors usually prescribe them a new diet and exercise. Other social trends include the lean years which is how there is an economic instability along with declining job security and the just in time learning where small businesses are able to improve and streamline their business education.

Post Author: James Marshall