Different Ways In Which Modernizing IBM I Applications Impact A Business

When you use modern tools and strategies provided by Fresche solutions in order to transform the old IBM I applications, the impact is unbelievably astounding. It improves the existing codes that, in return, increase the profit of the company and also helps with business growth and expansion. And when talking about the transformation of existing IBM I apps, it’s essential to also make a mention of the services and solutions that offer such benefits.

3 Modernizing Tools And Services That Help In Improving The Productivity Of IBM I Applications


IBM OS can be transformed to provide the benefits of modern technology that are very helpful for business growth. So, if suffering from business stagnation because your IBM OS does not allow smooth integration with modern services, you can use the tools and services given below to customize IBM I apps to improve the workflow.

  1. IModernize Tool

The iModernize Fresche RPG transformation tool helps in converting primitive computer languages into Java and .NET in order to generate better and high-quality codes that the old languages like COBOL and RPG cannot produce. The most noteworthy benefits of this transformation are given below.

  • It helps in building a better looking and well-organized website that requires less maintenance
  • The language transformation procedure is extremely simple since the iModernize tool simply overwrites the existing command to allow new languages  
  • It reduces the risk of project delay since the iModernize tool is advanced enough to identify if any imported technology is not compatible with the IBM OS. This allows enough time to find a suitable replacement
  1. GUI Integration Service

GUI or graphical user interface is much better than the text user interface because of the following reasons.

  • GUI offers a graphical display of icons that are much better than the text-based icons
  • GUI interface is supported by the web as well as mobile devices. This increases target audiences and helps in business expansion
  • GUI interface provides developers with endless options to use visual indicators so that the design of the apps can be constantly improved
  1. Document Distribution Services

Document management is one of the best service provided by the database automated tools because of the following reasons.

  • It arranges different documents in their respective databases only. It reduces human effort and human error, both
  • It allows real-time document distribution between the concerned departments. The documents can then be evaluated to determine if the production speed is according to the approved plan
  • It brings the business department and the coders in the IT department to work in tandem so that the cost and quality of production can be properly monitored


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