Digital Signage Benefits


Perhaps, for the very first time since the late 1950s, the retail and franchise environments are going through a big transformation. An increase in brick and mortar integration along with in-store trackers mean that the owners are slowly getting technology savvy.

A very big area of the discussion revolving around the efficient use of technology, it the best utilization of digital signage. With a lot of opportunities, lower costs of digital screens, and high demand, digital signage is highly popular among the owners of franchises and businesses.

There are quite a lot of benefits of using digital signage. These benefits include:

A minimization in the perceived wait time

Perhaps one of the best things that can be done for the improvement of the customer experience, is to stay entertained. Since a digital screen nearby gives the customers something to focus on, which reduces their perceived wait time. As a result of this, they end up leaving satisfied.

Creativity in digital signage is not expensive

If you compare the digital signage to print signage, it is extremely inexpensive to be developed and to roll out new advertisements. As a result of this, digital signage may allow franchise owners to run marketing campaigns in their locality that are more targeted in nature. Now, the local events can also be accounted for in the digital marketing plans. For instance, two ads can be created depending on the outcome of a baseball match and after the outcome, the relevant and can be played.

Depending on the day of time, the week, and the month, one can run relevant ads

In case you are the owners of a restaurant franchise, you could run breakfast ads during the breakfast time on the digital screen. Similarly, during lunch and dinner time, you can run the lunch and dinner advertisements. This way, the advertisements can be modified and played based on the environment.

Sales increase due to the presence of digital signage

It is possible to use digital signage as a means of interacting with a customer and to learn about him/her more. For instance, it is possible to run a social promotion in which customers have to provide their email address for receiving newsletters for a discount.

The marketing tactics can be tested and iterated very quickly

Because with the click of a button, digital signage allows one to take down or t put various sorts of advertisements. As a result of this, they are a wonderful tool to test out the type of marketing passages that work the best.

While it might be expensive in terms of the installation, digital signage provides a great value for its price in the long run. As a result of which, it is certainly worth it.

Digital signage allows you to play eye-catching videos

Videos happen to be far more effective in catching the attention of the customers, as compared to pictures. As a result of this, customers are more likely to show interest in your advertisements.


Post Author: Katherine Warren'