Electronics that every home needs.

The times that we live in demands us to be smart about the choices we make. It is time that you turn your home from smart to extraordinarily intelligent with the use of these unique electronics. Smart homes mean the gadgets that we use on a day to day basis to make our lives easier and faster. The possibilities to choose technology to make your life easier and more comfortable is endless. So, bow down to a world where technology has taken the front seat and is ready to serve you in the best possible way.

BeOn Smart Bulbs.

Are you still fighting with your spouse as to whose turn it is to switch off the lights? Now, we live in a world where switching lights on and off have a whole new method. These BeOn Smart Bulbs are compatible with Bluetooth and can work even when there is a power failure. These lights are powered by batteries and operate on timers that will be set by the user based on his preferences. This is the ultimate choice for anyone who wishes to have a smart and unique home.

Google Home.

This is the best kind of speaker one can have in his or her home. Paired with Google Assistant this smart speaker can talk to you, answer your queries and learn every bit about you in overtime. Google Home has the power to locate a place on the map, translating different languages, getting news about the whole world, knowing more about the events in sports and so much more.

Nest Protect.

Fire and the threats it possesses is known to all of us. To stay ahead of danger and keep yourself protected from any fire-related hazard you need a smoke detector or alarm. This product here is one that is innovative in its approach and has brought about a revolution with its concept. It can function with any Android device. You also get an option where you have the power to silence the alarm that is set off because you made a blender in the kitchen.

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Samsung App fridge.

A product from Samsung that is winning hearts with its take on innovation and path-breaking creation. Enjoy its unique features and bring joy to your life with this Samsung App fridge. It comes with a touchscreen where it presents an inventory of the items present in the refrigerator. Takes into account of the things that are running out and orders them. You will also get a chance to control temperature and monitor the settings of the compartments of the fridge. All this can be done and controlled via an app. So, this product sells itself and doesn’t need much advertising.

Netgear Arlo Q Security Camera.

Your house needs protection and what is better than wireless, waterproof and high-resolution security camera? The fact that it can endure dust and rain and still function continuously makes it an exciting product to buy. It is a product that is breaking grounds with its quality of software and video. Netgear Arlo Q Security Camera has the power to detect sound and any kind of motion. It can rotate freely and can anchor on any surface that is made out of metal.


This device is a smart thermostat which has built-in Alexa. Till date all your thermostat did was to control temperature but now it can do so much more. It will order a pizza for you, make you laugh, get the news for you, sing you your favourite songs or in short do everything that Alexa can do.

Neato Robotics Botvac D85 Robot Vacuum.

The impressive and handy device that a home needs is this vacuum. It is justifiable that you hate to vacuum for this new device is going to effectively do it for you. Don’t get fooled with its small and sleek design as it can effectively turn your home into a dust-free mansion.

For the last couple of years, different companies are working hard to come up with technologies that can turn around any household’s look and feel. Choose the above-mentioned electronics to lead a life that is luxurious, comfortable and above all smart.


Post Author: Clare Louise