Enjoy Your Videos in HD Quality Now Only With Elmedia Video Player

We all love to enjoy our videos in HD quality especially when we are watching it on a Mac desktop. Now the problem with most video playing software is that either they do not all types of file formats or they lack many of the important features. But all of these problems have been taken care of by Elmedia Video Player which is considered to be the best free video playing software for the Mac OS. However, the pro version is not free but it is worth paying for once you get to know about the various features that it offers.

What’s new about Elmedia Video Player?

Let’s check out the main things about Elmedia Video Player.

  1. It is available for Apple TV now: Well, now you can enjoy your movies not only on your Mac desktop but also on your Apple TV.
  2. Video and Audio Playback: You can adjust the speed of the audio and video playback with the help of this video player.
  3. Watch YouTube Videos: Yes, with the open online video option you can even watch online videos from YouTube and other sites as well. Not only that, but it also acts like a media player YouTube downloader which means you can even download YouTube videos with the help of it. However, this feature is available in the pro version.
  4. Play all formats: No matter what format the video or the audio file is, Elmedia can literally play any and everything. Yes, it is that great.
  5. Other Features: There are also several other features as well which include watching full-screen videos, manage subtitles and much more.

Elmedia Video Player Pro Features

Now let’s check out some of the Elmedia pro features as well:

  1. Adjust your video playback.
  2. Covert flash projectors to SWF.
  3. Take screenshots from the video.
  4. Enhance playback features.
  5. Compile and edit your playlist.
  6. It also offers flexible audio settings.
  7. Choose the output device for both audio and video.
  8. It also comes with the excellent feature of AirPlay.

Thus, you can see the exciting features that both the versions of Elmedia provide.

From the above discussion, it is clear that Elmedia is great software that is available out there for the Mac users. The fact that it is available for free makes it all the more worthy.

Post Author: Heather Moors