Few Harmful Techniques of Website Designing


Designing a website is an amalgamation of science and art. Not only it requires artistic endeavors and visualization but it also requires that aesthetic eye that that can pull customers towards the webpage due to its design. the worst thing however, that any company could do is to copy the design of some other company’s website design. Just because that company is enjoying a wider customer base and incremental online sales doesn’t mean that their website design be copied and it will provide you the same kind of overwhelming customer response. Similar to this strategy, of copying other website designs there are few other harmful techniques which can not only harm websites own performance in terms of design, content and SEO but also leaves a bad impression of the business altogether on the online visitor. Here are those that need to be eliminated from the website design techniques list.

Use of tables in website layout

The use of tables in a website layout makes the page look complicated. Designing tables is easy, but their maintenance is tough and more importantly, the critical eye that sees their appropriate requirement is rare. Mostly, website visitors find it hard to understand tables and they get puzzled or do not retrieve the complete information properly. This gets really critical when he table is nested. The latest website development language HTML5 advocates avoiding tables in page layouts. Tables can also obstruct the flexibility of the web page that can further lead to negative effects on the SEO efforts that your firm might be undergoing to improve the organic rankings of your website.

Long scrolls

Although scrolling is a need of every webpage that cannot be overlooked, but using it lavishly can definitely access negative gains to you. Using scrolls on website designs totally depends on the goals of the website. If the website is supposed to stream content whose structure is flat, then it can be a useful technique to follow. However, if the idea of your website is to assist users to find a product or service of their choice, then incorporating long scroll can lead to visitor dissatisfaction, where after scrolling for few times if your website fails to provide the information he is looking for, chances are he might leave your page there and then.

Slow loading speed

Lazy loading speed of any website refrains the user to interact with the page until it is loaded fully. Imagine yourself sitting in front of a freshly tossed pizza that you cannot eat because it’s very hot, how frustrating is this situation when you require to interact with something and you cannot. Website designs that take longer than 10 seconds are mostly abandoned by online visitors, as according to a latest research carried out recently by a website design company in Toronto, website pages that fail to load completely in <=10 seconds are likely to experience an influx of more visitors. As much as 57% more visitors stay and tend to complete actions on such web pages.

Non-responsive web designs

Another technology whose adaptability is in high ratio these days is the responsive website design. This website design and development methodology allow web pages to load completely and without losing any of their functionalities on different devices, because with the use of responsive website design techniques, a website actually adjusts its design and dimensions according to the screen size of the device its displaying on. The new technology has proved to be a breakthrough in modern website design and has allowed businesses to showcase their products and earn incremental revenues through selling on the mobile devices.

Browser incompatibility

Another issue that many websites face mainly because of the lack of credible quality assurance is the browser incompatibility. Browser compatibility is one when a website works seamlessly on any browser available, however due to inappropriate quality assurance, business websites fail to perform on all the famous browsers available and therefore lose customers due to lack of functionalities or any other issue with any particular browser.

The above mentioned issue areas are a glimpse into the possible faltering design technique which may either arm or harm a website. It is essential for the site owner to fully understand the purpose of these website designing techniques before just applying them to their website for maximizing gains. In order to get a complete picture of how can we help you in your business website design and development requirements, get in touch with the most professional website design agency in Toronto right away.

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