Five compelling reasons to use the internet for job search

In the earlier days,the best way (and probably the only way) to find a job was to hit the street, getting out to meet employers in person. Thanks to the era of Internet, much of this work is cut down by interacting with the employers online. As per a recent survey looking for a job online decreased the chances of abandoned job search and discouragement by as much as 50%. Instead of pounding the pavement, hit the Internet in your quest for a new job.

If you still swear by the conventional method, these five reason will probably change your mind.

  1. Electronic Resumes

Most of the employers nowadays, require job-seekers to submit their resumes and cover letters via email or job board. The companies do not want to deal with the whole fiasco of opening envelopes, sorting them by hand. There are even chances of your envelop being misplaced.

Hence, submitting online is always a better and smarter option. Many companies are now using sophisticated software tool that will let them sort electronic-resumes using keywords. So, make sure to use proper keywords in your resume.

      2. Job Listings

Internet can expand your job hunt by leaps and bounds, by putting tens of thousands of job advertisements at your fingertips. Websites like Monster that provides jobs listing of not just your geographical region but worldwide. So, by sitting in Bangalore you can look for job vacancy in Chandigarh.This is pure gold if you are willing to relocate as it will give you more opportunities.

  1. Job Boards

Companies use free, as well as paid job boards to post their ads, thereby targeting people trained in specific skills or from specific industries. They often, advertise anonymously and accept resumes via the job board’s electronic system. The boards lets you search for jobs by salary, type, location and title.

  1. Online Networking Sites

You may be surprised to know that many headhunters & human resources directors often rely on these sites to select candidates.

  1. Social Media

Social Media will let you to get personal and up close with your potential employer. It will allow you to connect with your potential employer via co-workers in your network or friends. Twitter will let you follow companies and HR team (not in a creepy way of course!), who in turn may provide you with valuable information about job openings. Similarly, even Facebook is filled with company pages that will give out career and job opening related information.

Post Author: Michael Crafts'