Four Reasons to Choose SIM Only Deals

Mobile operators have now increased their selection of SIM only deals. There are compelling reasons to now choose SIM only rather than contract phone deals. We have found four great reasons to now choose SIM only as your next plan. Whether you are looking for a data SIM card or a balanced tariff with enough minutes and data.

Shorter Contract Period Available

Mobile phone are now particularly expensive as some phone are now costing upwards of £600 plus. For mobile operators to recover the cost, mobile contracts are as long as 24 months. Now if you wanted a much cheaper contract they are hard to come by. You could get a 12 months contract but your repayment would be doubled every month.Image result for Four Reasons to Choose SIM Only Deals

To get a much shorter contract and on a monthly deal, SIM only plans offer this option. You can get SIM only deals from one month to 12 months deals. Some providers also provide a 6 months deals as an option.

Use as a Temporary Contract

As your mobile contract finishes you could be paying the same amount even out of contract, even If you are also waiting for a new phone to be released. SIM only gives you an option to be on a monthly contract until the phone you want is released. This would be much cheaper than still paying the mobile operator you took out the contract with.

Easy to Change Networks

If you have an unlocked handset you can benefit from the full potential of SIM deals. You can change to different networks and benefit from either better coverage or cheaper mobile deal. Many networks offer promotions like 6 months half price or double data and as you have an unlocked handset you can change operator without hassle. If you are on a Vodafone SIM only plan but want to switch to a different operator for greater savings you can do this. Unlocked phone also allow you to use the phone abroad too.

Better for the environment

Every phone that is manufactured increases our carbon foot print. Not only this, there is also the issue of recycling. Extending the use of your handset can help the environment reducing the carbon cost to manufacture and be able to dispose of your old phone in a safe manner.

Post Author: Michael Crafts'