Freelance Writers: 3 Websites That Pay You To Write

Freelance Writers are amongst the newest community on the internet that really has made the difference when it comes to the reserves on the internet. Though there has been spontaneous growth in the number of freelancers that have committed to work online, there are only handful of the websites that really gets you what you are worth as a Freelance Writer. The key difference lies in the fact that there are too many websites and the quality has degraded due to the large numbers of the websites that provide featured works for Freelance Writers. However, the recent survey revealed that there are some of the better and trusted sites that could get you the right kind of work as and when needed with the right returns for your work. Let us have the review on the top 3 of the websites that really pay for what you write.



Though relatively new, Contentmart has been observed as one of the top websites for Freelance Writers. The uniqueness of the website that has been more illustrated on the content writers, there are too many options that make the website one of the most preferred options for Freelance writers from all across the globe. The special featured and categorized options included in Contentmart ensure that everyone has the right work for the right people and the work gets done in time. These are the special factors that have made Contentmart into one of the most recent success stories when it comes to content writers from diverse walks of life. The platform also remains as one of the more easily accessible of the kinds in the recent times.



One of the more innovative platform when it comes to working online. Odesk has been considered as one of the most innovative platforms to work on for freelance writers. The specialty of the website lies on the live working platform that ensures that the freelancer is doing what it takes to complete the task in the given time. The unique feature of the live updates did make Odesk one of the more innovative of the kinds in the world for Freelancers from all across the globe. This also provided credibility to the companies and clients who could assure that their work gets completed in the proposed time span.


Elance has been one of the premium websites that has a substantial quality that has lasted for almost a decade. Though there were rumors that these are getting combined into Up work, much of the news remained rumors and nothing more. The special features included in Elance have been making the best for the developers and writers alike. Even though E-lance has been one of the more diversified of the kinds when it comes to Freelance Writers, there are too many aspects that make E-lance one of the more suited websites for Freelance writers. But you need to get the bid done for getting the right wok on hand

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