Get A Wide Range of Security Cameras At GEA

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) has become a very prominent security system all over the world. It is a system which records each and every movement round the clock and keeps a record of everything around the house. In the last couple of years, home owners and offices have started preferring it over other security systems due to its full-proof security round the clock. Knowing its relevance and high demand in the present scenario, GEA, a leading security systems provider for all types of residential, commercial and industrial setups, brings a widest range of security cameras meeting all types of requirements from the clients. The company offers various types of security cameras that have different designs, usage and features in order to give optimum level of protection to your family and spaces round the clock.

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  • Bullet CCTV: It is nothing but a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV installed on wall mount or ceiling mounted unit. It is basically made for indoor purpose and also used at outside doors to watch out all steps and activities. It has a cylindrical and sleek shape. These cameras are installed pointing at a fixed area. The main purpose of this camera is to capture images for fixed area.
  • Dome Cameras: These cameras are in the shape of dome boxes in which they are installed. Dome cameras are designed to provide unobtrusive camera facilities. These cameras can be helpful in noticing people and their activities. It records every minute’s activity and alert people about its presence so that they cant do anything wrong.
  • Infrared Vision Night cameras: These cameras are hi-tech in nature and are designed to capture images and videos during night or darkness. Infrared vision cameras are able to watch the view in dark because infrared IR LED’s are installed in it. This applications started are used in mobile cameras also; maximum use of this camera is in cinemas and on street.
  • Network/ Internet protocol (IP) cameras: Network cameras are available in both wired and wireless connection. In case of fire or emergency, these cameras instantly send the report to the monitoring agency without relying on wire based system. These cameras are capable enough to transmit the images and videos over the internet. These cameras are easy to install when we compare it from analogy cameras as they do not require different cable to run or boost the send images while transfer data over a lengthy distance.
  • Speed domes: This is an advanced camera mostly used in sensitive areas where the chances of thefts and vulnerable activities are higher. It offers facilities to pan i.e. move left or right, tilt i.e. moves up and doom and zoom the images to get clear view of the image.

The best part is that GEA has a team of skilled and professional security experts which can do any type of installation efficiently round the clock. The company also offers amazing monitoring packages in which customers can save a lot of money and get round the clock monitoring.


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