How CMMS Fits in Your Industry

A CMMS can fit into a variety of industries. Any company that needs to efficiently organize records, or identify key performance indicators in order to cut costs, can benefit from using a CMMS system. The main benefit industries see is being able to track progress on tasks and work orders, which allows them to become more efficient and save money.


Schools manage plenty of assets, work requests and tasks throughout the day and usually have to do so in multiple locations. A university with 60,000 students and 1,500 acres of campus saw success with a CMMS solution as the campus grew. They needed to implement a system that they could use to leverage work orders and track labor hours. This allowed them to also reduce their environmental footprint and they found that they could optimize how the buildings were being used. By analyzing the data, they found that some buildings were occupying most of their time, which allowed them to make decisions on which new buildings to build and how to use equipment differently.


The healthcare industry can see a number of benefits by using a CMMS. Healthcare facilities have a number of different assets that need to be tracked, and a CMMS can help with inventory management. This way, you can see where an asset is located, if it’s available, and if any supplies need to be ordered. Safety is a top concern for healthcare facilities and it’s important to conduct safety checks of the equipment, air quality, plumbing and elevator functionality in order to keep the facility up and running. By having everything in one place and accessible from anywhere, it can make these safety checks easier. Healthcare facilities also need to be audited on a regular basis, in order to make sure that they meet strict government regulations. It becomes much easier to audit equipment and ensure maintenance procedures are followed with a CMMS. Healthcare facilities also have a lot of employees that need to be managed. The use of CMMS features can make managing employees and scheduling shifts much more efficient.

Hospitality and Recreation

The hospitality and recreation industries have many needs that can be meet with a CMMS. A CMMS can help managers and supervisors see any completed work requests and the labor hours that were needed. This can help managers with prioritizing tasks and following up with the right people. A zoo found that it was able to save over 30 hours a week on maintenance tasks, with work orders that were organized and by tracking the labor services.


The right CMMS can help manufacturing companies manage their inventory, equipment, and transportation assets. It can also help them reach high-quality standards with consumer products. A CMMS helped a manufacturing company that was operating in 19 countries go completely paperless, with a customized system that was able to scale to its needs. This allowed the company to monitor orders from anywhere with just a phone or tablet and have access to real-time insights on its maintenance operations. This improved communication among team members and allowed the company to maximize the potential of its assets.

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Post Author: James Marshall'