How do companies deal with the rising demographic needing emergency services and medical personnel?

Most companies’ solutions involve signing up for a monthly monitoring service with an emergency alert system, even though most people who could benefit from these services either don’t want to or can’t afford this expense. Plus, these systems require that a third party intervene to relay the emergency message to the appropriate personnel. When every second counts, those precious minutes are critical. However, many of these companies do not offer a direct 911 call option, since that would interfere with the recurring billing structure and third party system they have put in place.  While there are definite benefits to people with disabilities having a call center at their disposal, it’s important to note that just because someone hits a certain age, it doesn’t mean that the person is doomed to fall.

Enter the Silent Beacon, both a Bluetooth Device and a Smartphone/Tablet App that has been in the works for more than two years.  The only requirement is a smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, as this is the technology needed to dial 911 (and loved ones) once the device is activated. The app links to the call center, allowing any emergency personnel and loved ones to be called, emailed, and/or texted with the user’s GPS location instantly. For those whose loved ones also have the app, they can see each other’s movements on the live map.

When the Silent Beacon has been activated, a pin drops to let others know the exact time, date, and place where (and when) they initiated and ended the emergency signal. Similar to the pendant-style personal emergency response systems, the user can simply press a button and not worry about finding the nearest phone. Without hefty monthly fees, deactivation fees and installation charges, users can roam as far from home as they want – no longer limiting anyone to a confining room-to-room radius. As long as the smartphone is within 140 feet, the Silent Beacon can instantly connect – letting the phone do all the hard work so the customer has time to deal with his or her current emergency situation.

The Silent Beacon app was released before the actual device, not only to add the features customers wanted but also to ensure that the average person could enjoy a simplistic app without hassle.  Silent Beacon’s five-star rating and enthusiastic customer reviews have indicated that the company is meeting the users’ demands. While there are other safety apps on the market, they rely on the user going into his or her phone, opening the app, and pressing the button. In the case of a fall or other emergency, these extra steps are not only time-wasters but also can mean the difference between life and death.

With the press of one button, the Silent Beacon is activated – without ever having to actually use the cell phone. Another advantage of the Silent Beacon is that the user can speak directly into the device, so there’s no need to shout across the room to a box that is sitting on an end table. Best of all, emergency personnel and loved ones can also be heard on the device, essentially eliminating the need to grab a phone to talk to someone. Downloading the app is absolutely free,IOS or Android and for customers who have any questions Silent Beacon would be happy to assist, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by email and phone.

Post Author: Heather Moors'