How Do you Play with Games with PCSX2?

If you have a DVD drive that’s very good, but if there is none, arrange one from somewhere, and you can put the PS2 game disc in the drive and run it straight from the disc of your PC emulating it directly. You can rip it with an ISO program which is free, such as, ImgBurn, which makes the process very easy and don’t have to worry about the disc speed read by the drive or swapping discs when you want to change the current game you are playing.

This is not so hard. The following process is simple. Clink on the link,, and download it, then follow the guide to set it up and configure it. The official PCSX2 guide is a great help, but if you are a gamer, you won’t like too many technical things to know. Instead, all you want to know is how fast you can get started, configure the setting of the graphics and gamepad.

How does it work?

So, here you can read this guide without torturing your brain and make your job faster. This guide also touches one of the most complicated settings of the emulator, that is the PS2 BIOS. Remember that PCSX2 is completely legal, but PS2 BIOS belongs to Sony. So, while using PCSX2, you dump PS2 BIOS.

When you use a PlayStation game on PlayStation, the same game if you want to play on higher versions, you then have to buy the same game of that PlayStation version, and only then you can play that game on other versions of PlayStations. Whereas on the computer, you have a big benefit, it can accommodate any version of anything; just you need to know how to configure.

Better resolution

There is another truth that if you want you can make the games better compared to their original hardware. So, that is the part of the fun to run PS2 Classic games on the platform. It will be fun to watch that the game is running smoother than it used to run on PlayStations. And if any problems are a face, there is always Google to help. This is a great work done by the communities that they are there to help and many groups and blogs are there online to take you out of any troubles.

You can play a PS2 game with an image at 2x, 3x, 4x and other resolution even higher than PS2. You can arrange DualShock or a controller used in XBOX. Unlimited virtual memory cards can be used and borrow other saved files from players. Widescreens can be used to play the games.

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