How to download movies on an iPad without using iTunes?

Thanks To these two techniques, you do not need to undergo iTunes to get pictures on your own iPad (or iPhone).

The iPad is an ideal travel companion: lightweight, filled with applications, gamesMoreover, its display retina makes it a very good tablet for viewing movies on the go.

If You don’t like going through iTunes to download your movies to your iPad, it is likely to run across the software through a cloud or even a third-party application.

Download a movie on an iPad: how the Cloud

The Easiest way to transfer a movie to an iPad is to utilize a cloud.

A Cloud is a remote cloud storage system, and operates like an external hard drive available from any device via the internet.

So, to place a movie in your own iPad, you only need to put it on your Cloud and HD movies free download it on your tablet.

Dropbox, Google Drive or even OneDrive will be probably the most popular sites offering this kind of service.

The Only drawback of this technique is that, based on the size of your file and the quality of your online connection, the transport time of the video onto your own iPad may be long (or very long).

The best way to Utilize Drobox to transfer a Picture for your tablet?

First, Create a Dropbox user account and download the program to your iPad and computer.

From Your computer, place your video file on your Dropbox. Depending upon the magnitude of this cloud, syncing your cloud might take a couple of minutes to hours.

When A green icon (using a white check mark) appears alongside your file, it means it is now accessible from any other device.

You Just need to link to a Dropbox in the iPad and put in your picture and enjoy online movie stream.

Download a movie on an iPad: how the WALTR app

Even though Expensive and from English, the WALTR app is popular with the general public. Why? Since it makes moving files to an iPad extremely fast and simple. The application is free for the first 14 days so that you can try it before committing yourself.

To Download WALTR, visit and click “Download WALTR free of”.

Accept The terms of use (“I accept the agreement”), click on “Install Now” and register your email address to benefit from the trial version.

An Email is delivered to you using a security key, copy the quantity and glue it in the “Product Registration” bar.

Connect Your iPad to your personal computer, WALTR ought to understand it automatically and open a window.From there, you can either drag the files to be Transferred into the window or press the cross to navigate the folders on your own computer.

Once This process is complete, you can get your pictures from any video application on your iPad. Note too that using WALTR, It’s possible to transfer audio Formats such as CUE, FLAC, APE, ALAC, OGG, AAC, AIFF or WAV without needing to Blend or compress them.

Post Author: Clare Louise'