How to Recycle Your Mobile Phone Online


Each year new models of mobile phones are brought into the market which tempts users to ditch their old phones and buy new sets. We want change in our lives but the way we change our mobile phones is extremely fast. Sometimes the old ones are as good as new but we do not want to keep them because the new phones look amazing to use and we want them in one way or the other. The  famous apple versus Samsung wars are also a great temptation for mobile phone users as they want to use the latest model to enjoy latest updates and settings with better camera and touch. However, what happens to the old phones is a matter of mystery but if you want to recycle your mobile phone online, then that it is a greatthought.This is because instead of rotting there all alone in one drawer of your closetyou need to put it to better use.


Ways to Recycle Your Mobile Phone

Confused about how to recycle your mobile phone? People are actually interested in knowing what useful ways of saving the planet are. Here are some ways in which you recycle your mobile phones online:

· Sell Them Online

There are a number of sites like Amazon, E-bay and other such sites where you can easily sell your phones. All you need is to post a picture of your phone, write its specifications, expected price and a contact number. This will help you make money and help someone else get a good mobile phone at a cheaper price. This is very lucrative for both the parties involved and the use of online forum to sell the mobile phone saves both the parties from additional costs.

· Donate Them for a Noble Cause

You can also donate the mobile phones for a noble cause for helping others in need. This way you can indulge in humanitarian activities and do good for both Mother Nature by not disposing off harmful materials and also the individuals by giving a small amount as charity which can make a big difference. The mobile phone which seems extremely useless to you can help someone in need to solve their problems and they might be able to fulfill one of their dreams due to this. There are a number of online charity organizations that accept material goods as charity.

· Make Art out of The Mobile Phone

Recycled paper cups and ice-cream sticks were earlier used in very interesting products that made beautiful pieces of art. You can recycle every used item from an old wooden table to your old mobile phone and convert it into something artistic.You can search online for ideas to make pieces of art of your mobile phone or send them to people who are in search of used phones to make pieces of art out of mobile phones.


Thus, it is important to know the benefits of recycling to help make the planet a better place to live.

Post Author: Wyatt Canton'