How To Unlock A White Rodger Thermostat?

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A thermostat is a part of a device that can sense the temperature and can make certain changes so that the temperature is sustained at the coveted setpoint. It is used in any system or device that increases or reduces the temperature to a normal temperature. Examples of such devices are central heating systems, air conditioners, water heaters, HVAC systems and equipment in the kitchen including ovens, refrigerators, etc.

What is White Rodgers?

White Rodgersthermostat manual is a company that provides a complete line of HVAC goods such as Thermostats, Transformers or Relays, IAQ, Heating or Cooling, and Refrigeration Controls, Zoning System Products and Hydronic or Appliance.

The White Rodgers Thermostats

The digital thermostats are one of the products produced by White Rodgers. The digital thermostat is used to control the cooling and heating units inside a building. This thermostat has a keypad lockout feature that prevents any unwanted use of it. When permitted, this feature limits any action of the device. Hence, to use it again, the user needs to unlock it.

To unlock the device you can go through White Rodgers thermostat manual, however some people would think that going through the thermostat manual is too much work and they would prefer googling. So we are going to help step by step.

For touchscreen thermostats

  • Step 1: Press on the “Menu” to open the device’s main menu and then tap on “Installer Config”.
  • Step 2: Scroll through the numbers touching the left or right arrow buttons. Keep scrolling till you see the keypad with 3-digit unlock number. The unlock number is generated during the inauguration of the device.
  • Step 3: After entering the number to unlock the device tap on the up arrow button 
  • Step 4: This is more of an emergency step. If you are unaware of the unlock code, you force the device to unlock by touching the “Menu” button keep pressing the button for about 20 seconds.  

For Button operated ones

  • Step 1: Simultaneously press the buttons with up and down arrow. Then you will see “0” on the device’s LCD screen.
  • Step 2: Enter the lockout code by pushing the arrow buttons till your lockout code number is seen on the screen.
  • Step 3: To unlock your thermostat, press the “System” button on the device after you have entered the correct code.
  • Step 4: Reset the code if you do not remember it.

We hope these steps will help you to unlock your thermostat.


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