Introducing different types of hoses that you will find in cars

Maintenance is essential for any functional device especially electronic or mechanical ones where any ignored or unnoticeable part can be matter of damage like an old hose in a car.  Samco hoses are significant to the cars for proper functioning so, any latency or ignorance bring your car to the repair shop. So, it is better to take car experts advice to always keep changing your car hoses periodically. As being an important part of your car, you should know about these hoses which found in your car.

Types of hoses you get in your car

  • Radiator Hoses: The radiator in your car provides a coolant which can absorb the heat produced in engine to cool it. The fluid circulates in and out in the system to absorb the heat from engine and release the heat outside back to the engine block. The radiator hose is attached between the engine and radiator any damage or leak to your hose can internally overheat the engine and cause severe damage. If you are looking to buy a radiator hose type among the car hoses, there are several ones to select for :Related image
    • Molded hose:  Hose made up of rubber and does not collapse on bending with vibration absorbent.
    • Common hose: It cannot bend and straight in shape with rubber composition.
    • Accordion hose: It is the rubber made toughest hose with spiral wire along with vibration absorption feature.
  • Brake Hose: brake hoses which is a fuel filled aid for pressurizing the efficiency of brake application towards the all tyres and making it swift and quick. It is important to regularly change your brake hose as it is of short life nearly about five to six years.
  • Power steering Hose: Power steering hose is important part of power steering where it carries fluid of power steering to circulate into other essential components. There are high and low pressure hose in this type works as combination for proper functioning.

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