Keyword Research and Placement Strategies of a Private Label SEO Company

The services of a private label SEO company has never been overemphasized. To differentiate between two website, a private label SEO Company uses the Keyword research and keyword placement techniques. Knowing everything about keyword research, selection and placement is very important.

Keyword Research:

First and foremost step when creating website content or selecting a domain name for your website is the keyword research. There are lots of software and tools available out there which offers you the chance to search and analyze rich keywords for your website. One of such tools is the private label SEO software.

Keyword Selection: Which Keyword Should You Choose?

Choosing the right keyword usually pose a challenge hence we will discuss some selection processes that can be very helpful.

Monthly Searches:

One way of keyword selection is based on the monthly searches. High search volumes should be your aim and avoid low search volumes because your profit depends solely on the amount of traffic you receive on your website    


Competition is yet another way of keyword selection. Choose a keyword with a low competition. Reason is that it makes it easy to be ranked against other experienced entrepreneurs. On the other hand, the disadvantage as to why a high competition should not be selected is that it makes it difficult to rank against other experienced entrepreneurs.  

The Best Possible Criteria:

The best possible criteria for keyword selection are a keyword that is fairly highly searched with an average competition that will not be too difficult rank against other experienced entrepreneurs. If this is put into consideration before selection is made there will be a high traffic and profit will be maximized.
Keyword Placement:

In website ranking, keyword placement is as important as the keyword selection. Keyword placement is one of the SEO techniques used in website ranking. some of these placements technique include:

Domain Name:

The main keyword is your domain so finding an available domain is very important. Due to the fact that a great number of domain name has already been purchased, it makes it difficult to acquire one. Therefore, to be able to eradicate such impossibilities, find and use longer domain names with different permutation and combination.


The searched keyword contained in your URL address has a major impact on your webpage ranking. Therefore, your webpage’s URL address should contain your primary or related keywords.

Meta Description:

Your readers are more likely to click on your webpage when your main keywords are in the Meta description.


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