Know And Follow The Right Process For Hard Drive Destruction

There is a specific process that you need to follow for destroying hard drives for effective results. The primary objective of such shredding and destroying of hard drives is to protect sensitive information and emails from identity thieves. Everyone does it but seldom is the right process followed to shred hard copy data and other documents. You must know that simply erasing data from the hard drive is not enough protection as there are specific forensic ways to recover it and therefore it is paramount that the right process is followed.  

Not A Complicated Process

The process to follow for hard drive destruction is not at all complicated. On the contrary, it gets simple as you go through it where it all starts with collecting those items that needs to be shredded or destroyed. Such items include computer tapes, obsolete electronic media as well apart from the hard drives. Before you start with the shredding process it is wise to keep an inventory manually or with barcode scanning to keep a record of the items that you are destroying just to be sure that all the items that you really wanted to be destroyed are there no more.

Take Professional Help  

You can shred the documents yourself if you have a hard drive shredder but if you need professional expertise in it or if the items to be destroyed are large in number then it is better to call for a professional shredding company. They are strategic about the process making proper inventory, providing you with the report of the record and most importantly have all the requisite tools and equipment. They can even shred more than 600 hard drives in an hour with a holding capacity of over 10,000 pounds of raw materials.

Watch The Process

You need to make sure that the hard drive destruction is complete and the right process followed. Therefore, your job does not end with handing over the drives to the professionals but to watch it being done correctly. That is why most reliable companies will allow you to watch the process right from loading your hard drives to the tipper bin to the shredding truck. Moreover, you can watch the shredding process through closed circuit cameras to make sure that the data and information are completely irretrievable.

Obtain A Certificate For Destruction

When the shredding process is complete the professional company will give you a certificate of destruction and if they do not do, insist on one.  This will enable you to prove your compliance with privacy and records management laws like FACTA and HIPAA. The professional company will also make sure that the destroyed hard drives are removed from the hard drive shredder and properly recycled to reduce pressure on the landfill.


Post Author: James Marshall'