Laser Engraving in Crafts – 10 Crafty Ideas

Do you have a laser engraving system gathering dust at home? Do you want to expand your laser engraving business to provide more products for customers and revenue for your business? Either of these scenarios are ideal for using your laser system for creating fun and custom crafts. The following 10 creative, crafty ideas should offer you some inspiration.

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  • Wooden Key Holders – You can create elegant or cute wooden key/keychain holders and add them to your product list in your laser business.
  • Coasters – Coasters can be created on stone, wood, metal, tile, or glass. You can use mandala patterns, customize them with initials or names, or any other appealing pattern.
  • Wooden Rolling Pins – The holidays are the best time for this craft, because people want an easy way to make cookies with designs on them. Laser engraving patterns and designs onto wooden rolling pins gives them what they want.
  • Glass Spice Jars – You can engrave glass jars of various sizes and make money selling them to people who like their spice jars to be organized and uniform. It looks better than having different types of jars on the spice shelf.
  • Wooden Puzzles – People love brain-teasing puzzles. Almost everyone plays the peg game, but there are several types of puzzles that can be laser cut and sold to individuals, schools, and other businesses. These are quick and easy to make, but they can come with a good revenue.
  • Dog/Cat Collars – Pet parents love their cats and dogs. They like to buy personalized items for them like collars. You can engrave the metal part of the collar with their name, birthdate, phone number of their parents, or other custom information.
  • Rubber Stamps – Rubber stamps are popular laser engraved items. You can get as creative as you want with these designs, or offer custom solutions to your clientele. These sell well for wedding invitations, business letters, and crafty stampers.
  • Business Cards – How do business cards fit into laser engraving? Today’s business owners are savvy enough to realize that the plain business card no longer grabs the attention it used to. However, a laser engraved wooded, acrylic, or metal business card is less likely to be tossed aside. That’s where you get to grab their attention.
  • Jewelry – Laser-cut jewelry is a popular and unique market where you can make money. Whether you create holiday or special event jewelry, or unique designs, this is a good market.
  • Wine Glasses – While wine glasses may not be the biggest money maker on this list, it is a very tight niche, especially for weddings and anniversaries. You can personalize wine glasses with names, initials, or whatever the client wants. It’s a good, extra product to offer in your laser engraving business.

If you already have a laser engraving machine, these are some good products to make for yourself, or to make money online or offline. If you are considering starting a laser engraving business (get your machine from Needham!), these ideas will provide you with inspiration and help you get started.

Post Author: Katherine Warren'