Learn About VoIP Phone Systems

What is a VoIP Phone Systems?

VoIP phone systems are the systems that are linked with the Internet to proffer phone voice, fax and additionally voice mail applications to the user.

How can it function?

Converting the analogue signal into a digital format in which the signal is compacted an IP is the initial phase of VoIP system installation. It likewise utilizes sound codecs, which encode the dialogue, hence permitting it to be transmitted over an IP network as computerized sound by means of a sound stream. Codec is the term utilized for “coder-decoder”. It is equipment used to pack/decompress the advanced sound information according to the sound format and configuration. The uses of codec are different base on the purpose and regularly of which the codecs are used.Related image

Using it in your Business

VoIP phone system can be customized to suite organizations of all sizes and can radically diminish costs of communication as exhibited by the colossal amount of individuals changing to VoIP system. Regular phone system is accessible in VoIP systems as well, that permit the service providers to give you inbound and outbound calling with Direct Inbound Dialing. Most organizations offer to make boundless calls to the US and chose nations in Europe, Asia and Canada for a month to month expense, which works out to be free for any organization.

VoIP system is utilized as a part of these applications too:

  • Skype – This is software that allows users to make calls over the Internet.
  • SIP/RTP, which stands for Session Initiation Protocol/Real Time Protocol.
  • IMS-IP Multimedia Systems.
  • H.323 – This is another system used in IP Protocols, like the ones used in video conferencing.


Basically, there are three ways of relating to the service providers.

ATA – That stands for the Analog Telephone Adapter, which can be associated with the current phone jack and the IP range. This is fastened to one area and is by and large offered by Broadband Internet Service providers.

Dedicated VoIP Phones – These are telephones that permit you to make VoIP calls without utilizing the PC. They are associated with the IP network through Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Softphone – This is also known as the Internet Phone or the Digital Phone. This software can be installed on your computer to allow you to make VoIP calls without the dedicated hardware. Softphone are very advantageous, as they have a dedicated number which can be relocated to any location or country.

This is otherwise called the Digital Phone. This product can be introduced on your PC to permit you to make VoIP calls without the necessary hardware. Softphone are extremely favorable, as they have a constant number which can be moved from one place to another.

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