Learn how to delete the name of the sender in new Telegram app

Telegram is an efficient and popular instant messaging plus video calling app that provides secure platform for people to share information and data. The Telegram app comes equipped with a host of useful features and functionality that makes the whole user experience extremely smooth. One of the important features of the Telegram app is the groups, where you can share stuff with loads of people who are added in a specific group. Besides the Telegram groups, there is also channels that allows you to broadcast your messages to the public and interact with them.

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Deleting sender name in Telegram

There might have been several occasions where you want to share a message sent to you by your friend using the forwarding feature provided by Telegram however you don’t want to share the original sender’s name. By default, when you forward someone’s message, Telegram display the name of the original sender. However, if you want to prevent sharing the original sender’s name then there is a possible solution or fix it. You can make use of anonymous robot or bot which will help you to hide the name of the original sender.

One of the best bots that you can use for this purpose is the binam bot through contact@binam_bot – Telegram. This bot will quickly eliminate the additional information from the messages and only the message content will be forwarded. The procedure for using this bot is very simple. Let us have a look.

The binam bot belongs to the anonymous bot category. For using this bot, you need to go to anonymous bot page on Telegram and in the search section, search for the binam bot, then select anonymous bot. If it is inactive then you can search on the 2nd page for @binam1400bot. Now click on start and then anonymous bot will request you to activate backup so that incase even if the bot is removed, you will get an efficient replacement for anonymous bot. Now sender’s name will be deleted with anonymous bot and you can forward selected message to the bot and receive anonymous message.

Post Author: Clare Louise